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Probing about


I have been looking at some probes as the probes that came with my oscilloscope are either broken or lack the hook clamp, on the end. Taking to eBay once again, I came across the following bargains…

The probes

Two P6100 DC 100MHZ Oscilloscope Scope Clip Probe 100MHz For Tektronix HP R2, £5.85

x10/x1 probes from China
x10/x1 probes from China

2pcs 110cm BNC Q9 to Dual Alligator Clip Oscilloscope Test Probe Leads v#h9, £1.98

BNC Q9 Male Plug to Crocodile Clip Test Probe Cable Leads WSF, £1.37


BNC Q9 Male Plug to Test Hook Clip Probe Cable Leads GUK,  £1.76

Hook Probes
Hook Probes

It is important to get actual probes rather than crocodile clips, which whilst fine for low frequency applications, are no good for measuring high speed data lines. A high input impendance is required.  Read this guide on the Importance of X10 Probes

Also saw

An old Gould oscilloscope with bag and original probes for a fiver. Worth a punt just for the probes I thought. However, the next day the listing had been removed. I contacted the seller asking if he still had the oscilloscope, or whether he had sold it. I got the following reply:

I was weighing the scope to cost postage for a fellow e-bayer, Like a numpty I dropped the scope it cracked the glass and it no longer powers up

the probes are fine they both have the ground clip.

I will accept £10 for the lot collect only

What a face-palm moment that must have been.

Some RS Components X10 Oscilloscope Probe Kit, for 1.49 plus 1.17 postage. The part number given, 488-472,does not show up on google so I can’t verify the specification.

RS Components X10 Oscilloscope Probe Kit
RS Components X10 Oscilloscope Probe Kit

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