Broken Ryobi? Can’t prime the darn thing? Discoloured fuel lines?

The problem

It is possible, as was my case, that the fuel lines have shrunk/hardened and are no longer giving a good seal, around the holes through which they are threaded into the fuel tank. This means that air can get into the fuel tank, and so the priming pump does not suck in enough fuel as air is able to get in.

Video Tutorial


You need a new fuel line whose ID x OD is 2.5mm x 5mm (Inside Diameter x Outside Diameter). Two lengths are required, one of X cm and the other of Y cm. 60 cm of replacement tubing, in total, should suffice.

Petrol Fuel Gas Line Pipe Yellow IDxOD 2.5mm*5mm/0.1″*0.2″ Length 60CM, for £0.99, item #181834098447, from deal24hours_ca. I purchased that back on 23 August 2015 – as of Jan 2017, that item may no longer be available.

Update 2021

My Thai friend was fixing a XXXX, and he said that black fuel lines are better than the yellow fuel lines. It is unclear what material the yellow lines are made from, however, after having a dig about, these are suitable materials:

  • PTFE
  • Nylon
  • Nitrile (with anti-weathering covering)
  • EFI

Not suitable:

  • PVC
  • Vinyl


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