D.C. Geared Motors


Continuing with my foray into the world of motors, after having examined stepper motors, I thought I would take a look at D.C. geared motors, which are often used in the cheap wheeled robots that you see on eBay…

A closer look

This is one of the cheap Chinese motors on eBay

Cheap D.C. geared motor
Cheap D.C. geared motor

These are often used in the SparkFun wheeled robot clones

The axis can be straight/inline with the motor rotor, or at 90 degrees in order to save on width, and reduce the width of the vehicle.

These yellow motors are a popular motor, but superior motors are available.

Video Tutorials

A video review on eBay motors, especially the Chinese clones. This video is not strictly about steppers, although they are mentioned, it is more about geared motors:

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