Solar Panels – Icarus


I found Icarus by googling for PV installations on my local area, filled in an online web survey. They, or rather a lady called Helen, promptly phoned me the following day a couple of times. Unfortunately, I was unable to take the call, so they also emailed me. I finally emailed them on the Sunday, and then called on the Monday, and spoke to a lady called Katharine. A survey was arranged for the Wednesday at 4pm.

The visit

A guy called Shaun came around, a most knowledgeable person, who seemed to take great pride in his installations and after care.

We started by looking at the electricity distribution board, I have a “TT” (???) electricity system. A new separate Distribution panel would be put in, which would supplement my current ancient (1960’s ?) distribution panel.

Apollo smart switches are used, which has an on board display/control panel, but no online capability unfortunately.

Solar PV was also mentioned, as were SMA inverters, both of which have online access.

In addition, there a three types of control hardware???:

The Panels

The panels are 4 diode panels, so each panel consists of 4 mini panels in one.

Panels are 33 – 38V @ 8A

Black panels are used, see which panels are best.

BiSol (Italy) or;

SolarWind (Germany)

Three types of silicon: Mono-crystalline, Thin Film and Amorphous.


Workmanship is guaranteed for 5 years.

Inverters for 5 – 20 years


The inclination at the Winter Solstice is 18°

An EPC is required, with a minimum of a D rating.

Roof inclination is 30°


European equipment is used, European distributors, makes things easier for warantees


SolarEdge – Chinese assembly, European components, UK backup

Solar Edge optimiser (Israeli – UK, Chinese assembly) 48 hour replacement

No micro inverters are employed.

No subcontracting, all work is carried out by Icarus themselves.

SMA (advanced installers) software

MasterVolt – dutch inverters

Sunpower – amorphous



Solar Panel Installation – East Sussex

Icarus Electrical & Solar Ltd – 4kW Ground Mount Video

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