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Clear Sky Energy: Renewable Energy Specialists & Solar …

Contact Details

4 The Pound
RH15 8PF, Burgess Hill

Burgess Hill
0845 805 2246

I found these people on Compare My Solar – Compare 19 solar panel prices from 7 installers around Burgess-Hill.
I phoned on a Saturday morning, a chap called Steve West answered the phone and a 4pm survey was arranged for that very day.

Steve came around and appeared to be the most knowledgable chap that I have seen to date. He had a range of Solar Panels on offer and provided the specification sheets. He also had an impressive array of tools and kit, including the obligatory compass, a Seaward Solar Survey 200 (which looked like a Fluke Multimeter), on eBay for £150, and a sun shade path measuring sextant.

We first inspected the roof and I mentioned when it was in shade, etc. Then we had a look at my distribution board. A separate new distribution board would be put in, although I also asked for a quote on a new one to replace my old board.

He mentioned that Emerson are the top notch power switching and invertoer hardware brand.

SolarEdge inverters have a standard warranty of XX years, but that can be extended:

£2xx for 20 years

£xxx for 25 years

There are two common SolarEdge inverters SE3500 and SE 3680. The SE3680 inverters are actually SE4000, but for home systems the 4kW systems can only produce 16A, to comply with the G83.2 (and there is also G59 – Free Approval) regulations, and so the SE4000 is capped at 3680W:

368W/230V gives an output of 16A

There is an add-on to the inverter for Wi-Fi, or ZigBee, and these are £30 extra, if required. There is an in-built RJ45 for ethernet, so not really necessary in my case, if it is installed in the garage.

The Panels

He offered an impressive range of Solar Panels, which differ in wattage, warranty, and of course price (all seem to offer a 25 year performance). They are listed below in order of cost:

  • SunSolar (UK) – 250W – with a 25 year warranty, efficiency is 15.1%;
  • SolarWorld – 250 – 280W- with a 10 year warranty;
  • LG cheap – 285 – 300W – with a 12 year warranty;
  • LG Black x2 – 300W – with a 10 year warranty, and;
  • Sunforth – 330W – with a 10 year warranty.
Extra Components

Thermal Storage – for central heating

Infra red Panels – thin efficient heating panels.

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