Automatic motorcycle indicator (turn signal) control and monitoring


Remember the DataTool Turn Alert? They don’t seem to make them anymore, unfortunately. I think that they were being phased out, back in 2008, because they were hard to get hold off, even back then. Strangely, google throws up hardly any references to them… it is as if they never existed!

What are they?

For those of you who don’t know, they would not only make a beeping noise to remind you they the turn signal was on (which is no good, i.e. inaudible, at high speeds), but also, automatically cancel your indicators for you, after a preset period of time had elapsed.

I fired off an email to DataTool:

Hi, Do you still make the TurnAlert system? If not, do you know where I may be able to pick one up? I have googled, looked on eBay, phoned local bike suppliers and even the people that I bought my bike from, and they have either never heard of it, or can’t get it. Many Thanks,

and received the following response from Tony Hayes, their Technical Manager

Sorry we have not sold this type of thing for years now I don’t know any company that sells them



The Kaisan Signal Minder (PART# MI100) seems to be a reasonable facsimile.

How to Install


There is also the Automotive Time Delay Relay, but not sure if this is still planned.

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