LightWaveRF? More like DarkWaveWTF…


LightWaveRF home automation… A load of cheap rubbish. It was recommended to me by a chap from SouthDownsSolar. I popped into Maplins (first big mistake) to have a look. The Saturday boy knew less about it than me. I ended up educating him, and I had only just read the back of the box..!!!! The units/components seemed reasonably priced though. Having left there, I got in touch with my guru.

The low down

Here is the ensuing critique/conversation. My opening gambit…

Did you ever look at LightWaverRFstuff? Seems cheap, just seen some in Maplins. 26 quid for three plugin sockets and 76 quid for the wifi link box


Yes (there is a reason it is cheap) I have some and have slowly replaced most of it with Z-wave. Not very reliable (in comparison Z-Wave has been bullet proof so far), I have ton of the switches that I am not using, you can also buy Siemens compatible ones, B&Q were selling them at £5 for 3 a while back so I bought a load.

You can use a thing called an RFXTRX to communicate with it, it runs over 433 MHz. I now just use this for monitoring – temp, humidity, power – and mostly not for anything like switches (still use a couple of them) as there is no feedback as to whether the command was actually received and actioned – easy for the controller and switches to get out of sync.

‘Nuff said?


You don’t believe me? Then read the comments at the end of the good review by AutomatedHome, LightWaveRF review. No status feedback, and a proprietary system..? No thanks. Move over DarkWave, say hello to Z Wave, a vastly superior product. Each Z Wave unit acts as a repeater, so no limits on range, and those difficult to reach spots become accessible.

3 thoughts on “LightWaveRF? More like DarkWaveWTF…”

  1. Yeah whatevs, I got some of that LightwaveRF gear and it’s been pretty sweet so far. Especially for dimming the lights from between the sheets. Mmmmm, sleazy.


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