Disable MalwareBytes


MalwareBytes used to be a good little app, but recently it just seems to slow things down, constantly pop up when you are trying to do something, and if running a VM on an antiquated MacBook things just become intolerable. So, recently, I have taken great delight in UNINSTALLING it, from every machine that I had it running on. I am running version, or at least, that is the installer version.

However, there must be a way of just silencing it, and keeping it installed, but muted, on disk?

Silencing and Removal

Amusingly, there is this post on Reddit, Malwarebytes Free version popup really annoying?, to which a member of the MalwareBytes support team offers useless suggestions. Disabling Notifications in the General Settings, still does not disable the application from appearing and slowing the machine, so in the meanwhile, as I am too busy to fish around in the Services/Launch Tasks/Startup tasks and Registry, it is easy to simply uninstall the muvva.

These two posts may also be worth noting:


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