PV Installation – Follow up and afterthoughts


There were a few tasks left in hand, after the actual installation of the PV panels on the roof.

These included:

  • Configuration of the OWL: https://www.owlintuition.com/
  • Signing up for the SolarEdge monitoring:  https://monitoring.solaredge.com/solaredge-web/p/login
  • Application for the Feed-In Tariff (FiT) – This requires a couple of rather long (11 or so pages in total), and repetitive forms (PV declaration and FiT Application – note these may be combined in to one longer form, it will depend on your supplier and changes to regulation) to be filled in, and sent to an energy provider of your choice, usually the supplier of your electricity, but it doesn’t have to be.  It is best to go with a smaller company as the larger, more tradition companies can have a habit of hanging on the money for a while. A outgoing/generated electricity meter reading will also need to be sent in conjunction with the forms.
  • Obtaining the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) certificate. our installer will generally fill in the necessary paper work for this and then you should receive the certificate by email.
  • The Energy Efficiency Survey for the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC): A gentleman will visit and check the thermal/energy efficiency of the house: Radiator thermostats, Under floor spaces, double glazing certificates, roof insulation, wall insulation. It is necessary to obtain a minimum of a D rating, in order to qualify for the FiT.

I hit only one stumbling block – I had forgotten/omitted to sign declaration 5 on the PV declaration form, and by then I had returned to Thailand. Sending a scanned, or electronic version of the form was not sufficient, and I was required to post a hard copy of the requisite page. This was a bit of a bind. I then had to send an update reading of the generation meter as the previous meter reading was now void – only a reading, after the form has been received through the post will be accepted.

In addition, the [first] subsequent sending in of the quarterly (?) electricity generated meter reading had to been sent in before Jan 4th 2016 – evidently, if sent any later then there would be no pay out for that quarter, which seems somewhat harsh. On top of that, not much notification was sent before hand, only a couple of weeks, which is not much when trying to deal with this remotely from half way around the globe…

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