XBee evaluation/development board


A Belarussian, who is selling me a couple of 868MHz XBee S5s has offered me an XBee development board, XBIB-U-DEV.


There is another variant

 XBIB-U-DEV variant
XBIB-U-DEV variant

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Reference guide


Difference between Interface board and Development Board:

There is very little difference between the XBIB-U and XBIB-U-DEV.  Really the only difference is that the -DEV is a Development board which has additional switches, LED’s and test points over the XBIB-U. Otherwise they are the same product and offer the same general function with respect to the UART and your ability to upload firmware via them.

Other support questions.

USB power issue

One issue with the boards, which is worthy of note, is that certain boards, fabricated prior to 23/2/2015, have an issue when power solely by USB:

Some Digi XBee® development board kits were confirmed to exhibit an inability to enumerate when powered solely from a PC via the USB port. The cause for failure was found to be on the development board (see below Table 1 for affected board versions) where a small variation on the voltage regulator causes some USB circuits to not function properly. This issue can be resolved reliably by using the external power supply supplied in most of the kits. See the resolution detail below for more information. Once a product initially enumerates the product should continue to operate to specification.

Revision E and later, boards are not affected.

See ERRATA SHEET # 150320.V2 and PRODUCT NOTICE # 150225.V2

To identify the board

Identifying XBee Evaluation Board
Identifying XBee Evaluation Board

See also ERRATA SHEET # 150320

Identifying XBIB-U-DEV
Identifying XBIB-U-DEV

From the support forum, see USB device not recognized.

The Debugger and the SDK

The evaluation board is often used in conjunction with a P&E Micro USB BDM MULTILINK debugger, from NXP, which plugs into the 6 pin connector on the board.

BDM Multilink In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer
BDM Multilink In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer

It normally comes together with the board, in the Programmable XBee-PRO ZB Dev Kit, which sells for around $450. However, they are available separately, and may be purchased from from Farnell, for £66, see NXP  USBMULTILINKBDME  USB-BDM MULTILINK, DEBUGGER / PROG. Also, may be found on eBay for as little as £15.

Take a look at the video, USB Multilink or Cyclone PRO: Which Is Best For My Project?

The debugger is used in conjunction with Codewarrior for Microcontrollers and the Programmable XBee SDK, which are available, along with some other useful downloads, from the XBEE-PRO ZB PROGRAMMABLE DEVELOPMENT KIT support page.  The Programmable XBee SDK has a good couple of tutorials, that are run from within CodeWarrior. The tutorial is also available in PDF format. Here is the wiki for Getting Started with Programmable XBee. Here is the Programmable XBee SDK documentation.

Useful forum links

See without debugger how can i upload or load code in programmable Xbee module?

Note that to use the Dev board you need programmable XBee modules, not the general release versions:

The part number should be something like XB24-AWI-001 and will be on the white label on the bottom of the module.

See also XBee®/XBee‐PRO® ZB RF Modules

Do It Yourself?

For a home made evaluation board see My XBee experiments.


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