Changing XBee antennas


Following on from the XBee 868 blog, the XBee Pro 868 Development kit, rather annoyingly, comes with one XBee with a RP-SMA connector and the other with a wire antenna.Hence the question: Is it possible to remove the whip/wire antenna from a XBee Pro 868 Long Range, and replace it with a RP-SMA connector?

A search on the web reveals nothing definitive. Many suggest that it should be possible, physically, as the XBees are virtually identical. However, in practice, it is not so clear cut. From XBee Antenna:

The XBeePro modules with wire antennas are calibrated at the factory differently than those with the external connector (rpsma). You will have many signal issues if you try soldering the rpsma connector on an XBee that was shipped as a wire whip.

However, the poster offers no citations to back this claim up.

Other rumors

There are plenty of other links that dance around the topic.

For a series 1 XBee, 2.4Ghz Xbee Pro S1 – Antenna replacement, this thread just talks about having a damaged (torn off) RP-SMA connector and replacing it with a U.FL. connector.

Again for a series 1, changing xbee s1 wire antenna and attach an SMA connector:

Adding a U.FL connector may be possible if you make the proper connections (the warranty will be void). But going to RPSMA or SMA will not be possible as that is a different PCB layout for it.

Other rumors include replacing a broken wire antenna with another wire. Here are three questions from Electronics Engineering on Stack Exchange:


I presume the only way to get a definitive answer is to post a question on the Digi support forum. Watch this space.


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