Huawei EC325


I purchased a Huawei EC325 in Din Daeng market for 10 baht. This is what should come in the box:



I plugged the device in the my PC. However, Windows 7 would not install all of the drivers:


This left Device Manager looking like this:


The Huawei support site did not appear to offer the drivers. Other searches only showed spurious type links. After further searching, I found the page, Huawei EC325 Data Card Drivers for Windows 7 64-Bit, which had the driver, When unzipped the contents are as follows:


However, these drivers did not seem to be recognised by the Device Manager, possibly because I have a 32-bit version of Windows 7 and the drivers are 64 bit.

Likewise, Download drivers for your phone’s USB data cable. Free! offered similar, but not the same, the same drivers:

These are the drivers (ewusbmdm.sys) for Huawei EC321 and EC325. They come from the “Huawei Mobile Connect” package.
There is no setup file for them. Please extract them to your hard drive and select them when you are prompted for the location of the driver.

Huawei EC121 CDMA2000 USB Modem
Driver Version: v2.0.3.8X.SP13 (March 22, 2008)
Supported OS: XP, Vista, Vista 64, Win2k
Download: Huawei EC121 Driver new
More info: Huawei Official Web Site for EC121

Huawei EC321 Data Card and EC325 USB Modem
Driver Version: v2.0.3.0 (WinXP and Win2k), v2.0.3.8 (Vista and Vista-AMD64)
Download: Huawei EC321 & EC325 Drivers
More info: Huawei EC321 Software, Huawei EC325 Software

So using the

Download: Huawei EC321 & EC325 Drivers

and selecting the Vista driver,


I had a bit more success with these drivers, and the driver was successfully installed for the first and second unknown device:



Equally difficult to locate was a PDF of the manual, again, only links to dodgy type sites were readily available. Eventually I ended up getting the manual from the site, Huawei EC325 User Manual. I have included it here also:


There is also an installation manual, Huawei EC-325 Installation Manual:


These instructions, Create a Dial-Up Networking connection on Windows 7,which are linked to from the first link above, proved useful to set up the dial-up network.

EC325 Manager GUI

However, the Huawei Mobile Connect package still proved to be elusive. This dubious looking site purports to be offering the software, but it seems to be unlocking software: Download USB Modems Software Files – EC325

More dodgy looking download sites, which I have not tried:

The software also appears to be known as Mobile Partner. Searching for that, found this site, which seems a bit more reliable, Mobile Partner DashBoard for Huawei USB Modem, and has multiple versions for both Mac (v.15) and Windows (v.16 and v.21). I downloaded the OS X version and the pkg installer seems genuine.

More useful links

Further google search:

This is as far as I have got so far…


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