Charging a Samsung Tablet with an Apple iPad charger


A friend of mine had a totally discharged Samsung tablet, and had only the Samsung USB Connector (as she had left her usual charger at home):

Samsung USB Connector (30 pin)
Samsung USB Connector (30 pin)

She needed it to be charged and I thought that I would give it a go.


I located a USB male to male A-A cable and tried charging the Samsung tablet (via the USB connector kit) with a standard (5w – 5V 1A) USB charger. This did not work at all. Then I tried with a 10W (5V 2A) Apple iPad charger. It will work, but takes a long time. I have tested this myself, and a 30 minute charge of a dead Tablet will get it to boot, but then it runs in low power mode, with a dim screen etc.

The second answer from can i use the ipad charge to my galaxy tab? appears to back up the results of my test:

iPad charger (come with iPad 1) + original Samsung Tab 7.7 cable, does not charge Samsung Tab 7.7

the Samsung Tab 7.7 will recognize this connection as data connection. The battery will display a thunder (charging) plus a cross (x) at the bottom.

In the system info, you will find the battery status is not charging at all.

If you leave the device untouch (screen off without doing much in the background), EVENTUALLY the device will get charged, but in extremely long time (compare to the original Samsung charger)

In addition, I also tried using a power bank. I noticed that if the tablet was switched off (completely) then there was a flashing light on the power bank, indicating a discharge, i.e. the tablet was charging). However, as soon as the tablet was booted up, then the powerbank LEDs would cease to blink and the tablet displayed many warning dialogs. When the tablet was switched back off then the blinking LEDs on the power bank would happen again.

See also, Are iPad chargers compatible with Galaxy Tab 10.1? This seems to suggest that the USB connection kit is not designer for charging, and although it will charge, it does so at a much slower rate than normal. From the product description

The SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab™ USB Adapter allows you to truly expand the capabilities of your Galaxy Tab™. The USB Adapter turns your SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab™ 10.1 into a USB host, allowing you to connect compatible USB accessory devices such as keyboards, mice, thumb drives and more to your Tab™.

Also, from the XDA link, the Apple chargers use a different mechanism for charging than the Samsung chargers, see


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