Yamaha XJR 1300 horn issues


I have a Yamaha XJR 1300 (2008) and one day last year, I realised that my horn had stopped working mid trip.


After looking at a couple of yamaha service manuals, I vaguely remember that it seemed to suggest that the ignition switch needed replacing.

See linkxjr1300_service_manualRP19 (PDF)

Sections 7-21, and 7-95 deal with the horn.

See also, link, Yamaha Manual_XJR_1300_UK (PDF), section 7-34

However, replacing the ignition switch seemed a bit excessive. After a quick search, I found Xjr1300 1999 horn will only make a low pitch noise when button is used

Check the connector to the horn. Ensure no corrosion…if it looks good…you can this…
Yamaha horns usually have 2 wires…a hot wire (pink) to the horn and a black wire returing to the the horn button…the button grounds the circuit to sound the horn.

You can also jumper the horn black directly to ground and turn on the key…if horn is loud now….you have poor connection in your horn button wiring or ground.

If it makes no difference jumpering and horn is not wet inside….probably the horn is bad. Some have an adjustment nut in the center that can be adjusted to alter tone somewhat….worth trying before tossing horn.

So to recap, the XJR 1300 has two horns, and each horn has two leads connected:

  • A pink hot wire, for the 12V;
  • A black wire, that goes to ground, via the horn switch.

So, the method I used was as follows:

  1. Switch on;
  2. Test, with a voltmeter, the pink lead to ensure that 12V is reaching the horn;
  3. Test, with an Ohmmeter, the black lead for ground connection, when horn button is pressed, to ensure a good ground.

My ground connection was fine, but there was no 12V on the pink wire. Checking the fuse box, I found that the 7.5A fuse had blown, second fuse from the left.



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