RC Transmitters – Simulators


Test your RC ability on the PC, rather than crashing an expensive drone, or aircraft.

See also RC Transmitters and RC Transmitters – DIY.

Using the Turnigy 9X with a simulator

See Turnigy 9X For Simulator. Use with R/C DeskPilot, although this only simulates R/C airplanes and not multi-rotor drones.

Other simulators for drones

See Best Quadcopter Flight Simulator | Drone Multirotor Trainer:

  • Heli-X simulator (unrealistic)
  • Phoenix RC4 (better physics, free and unlimited)
  • AeroSim RC (two minutes free, then $90)
  • RealFlight Simulator
  • AeroFlight RC 7 (not free)
  • FPV FreeRider (free (one map), or $5)
  • LiftOff ($15)

Simulators for RC Cars

For cars, see VRC World, it is free to download, although you do have to register first.  See the end of the video Everything RC – How to Find Best Power Supply for Solution iMaX B6, and a USB dongle is shown for RC receivers to be used with a PC. See R/C USB-Interface for flight simulators

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