Prusa i3 construction videos


As I was looking into purchasing a Prusa i3, I thought it would be a good idea to watch some video tutorials on how to build it. There are two sets of video tutorials included here:

  • One superlative set by engineglue, from NWRepRap, which shows every step in detail, and;
  • Another set, which shows Nillabean, who doesn’t appear to know what he is doing, trying to put a Prusa i3 MK2 together, from Nillabean. In this set, more time is spend faffing around with the video and sound quality than on the actual build.

The tutorials by NWRepRap use a geared extruder with a J Head hotend.

See also

Other videos

PDF guides

Assembly videos

Part 1 – Bottom frame

Part 2 – Y carriage

Part 3 – PCB Heatbed

Part 4 – X axis

Part 5 – Z axis

Part 6 – X carriage

Part 7 – Extruder

Part 8 – End stops

Part 9 – Electronics

Part 10 – Power supply

Part 11 – Software

Nillabean videos

Not really worth watching, if you have followed the excellent tutorials, from engineglue, above. However, they do show the build process from the persective of an inept novice:

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