P3Steel version 4 modifications


A collection of useful modifications for the P3Steel v.4, as described by the basis of a draft from the P3Steel, with metal elements for X-Axis made on basis of I3 CORDOBESA Full Steel 1/8″ LASERCUT with Bowden extruder.

This frame was sourced from eBay, Frame Prusa I3 P3Steel v4.0 +RODS+metal elements for X-Axis


Here is a list of links:

  • P3Steel parts by Fizzbod – The Toolsen Bowden extruder mount (see below) at the top of the Z axis, is interesting, although it is not clear if additional drilling is required from the photos

Bowden extruders


Endstops by Toolsen

Optical Endstops by Toolsen

Only Y axis, there are no X or Z axes optical endstops, as yet

Idlers by Toolsen

Extruder by NWRepRap

Parts are listed here, on NWRepRap Prusa i3




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