Useful Wilson notes


A collection of useful links and notes, relating to the Wilson family of 3D printers, developed by Marty J Rice.

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Highlights from Reddit – Wilson II – What is the servo actually for?


make your cuts as precise as possible. they don’t have to be extremely accurate just precise so if you cut one piece of 8020 at 334mm, make the other one the same. that makes your frame square meaning a lot less headaches. I’m nearly done with my build. Green and Black PLA with black hardware and silver extrusions. Its a beast of a printer and VERY stable.

Reusing parts from a Wilson:

That’s correct – even though it is very similarly assembled, most of the parts were modified to the different spacings between the threaded/smooth rods on the Z axis, and the rod diameter on all axis. You could reuse the filament mounting bracket, smart lcd brackets, and ramps mount though.

and differences from Wilson TS:

Thank you. The essential differences compared to the Wilson TS are:

  1. The smooth rods are 10mm instead of 8mm;
  2. The upright frame has (almost) twice the extrusions, to prevent any wobble back and forth;
  3. The Z axis was redesigned to use lead screws instead of M5 threaded rod (this came down to changing the smooth rod-to-threaded rod spacing so that it is no longer backward compatible with the Prusa i3);
  4. The build volume is larger, both because the default rods support a 200x300mm print bed but also because I optimized the X and Z axis to get a little more travel out of them (which just means mechanically things don’t interfere with each other quite as much).

Other changes are less fundamental, such as:

  • redesigning the filament and other accessory brackets to slide on instead of requiring T-slot nuts and screws;
  • a better Y belt tensioner;
  • power supply mounting brackets and;
  • a power switch mount.
  • Maybe some other things that I can’t think of at the moment :).

Other Reddit posts by Marty:

Sourcing smooth rods

Useful link, see Reddit – Good source for M10 Smooth Rods for Wilson II Build?

RepRap forums

Help with Wilson II

Wilson II Plus 50

A modded Wilson II with extra 50 mm height: Wilson II Plus 50

X 2020 Aluminum extrusion 380mm x3
Z 2020 Aluminum extrusion 450mm x4
Y 2020 Aluminum extrusion 500mm x2 (same as original)

X smoothrod 440mm x2
Z smoothrod 374mm x2
Y smoothrod 500mm x2 (same as original)

T8 Leadscrew 350 mm

In the Config.h file:

‘#define X_MAX_POS 200- change to 250

‘#define LEFT_PROBE_BED_POSITION 15 – change to 40
‘#define RIGHT_PROBE_BED_POSITION (X_MAX_POS – 15) – change to (X_MAX_POS – 40)

The only small problem I have is when I slice a file and print it is 25mm off set. which is weird as when I do home and bed level it is doing it on center.

ATM I am just offsetting it in the slicer Simplify3D but there must be a fix in Marlin.

Wilson Community

There is a forum, dedicated to the Wilson series of printers, that has been set up by Marty: Wilson Community

Other Blogs

Building a reprap Wilson


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