The Pink Powerbank


A friend gave me his girlfriend’s Junxin powerbank to have a look at.  It appeared to charge up to 100%, at least the LEDs along the side indicated as much, and the torch at one end lit up, but once it was disconnected from the mains, there was no charge available to charge a phone.

Cracking it open

Prying open the end cap, opposite to the end with the light, didn’t help much, as one side of the cap is actually part of the lower case


So, turning to the end with the light, lifting the light and scoring the seam, under the light, to break the glue:


Scoring the glue in the seam, and just working the seam apart

More scoring

Scoring down the side seam

More side scoring

Prying scored seam apart 1

Prying scored seam apart 2

Prying scored seam apart 3

Lending an extra hand…

… to start prying the sides of the case apart


Pulling the side apart

Slowly inching it open

Revealing the 18650 batteries

Paying attention not to damage the hinge of the light

That is one side cracked open

Looking at the other side with the white strip

Starting to loosen glue holding the white strip

Lifting up end of white strip

Peeling off the white plastic strip…

… reveals that there is is a small screw

Loosening the screw1

Loosening the screw 2

Removing the screw with a box cutter

Gently pulling apart

Using finger nails

Prying the light end apart

Cracked it

Lifting top off 1

Lifting top of 2

Lifting top off 3

The light fixture comes loose




Tada! Opened up



The problem was a loose or badly soldered wire, to the positive terminal of the four batteries

The configuration of the batteries is like so:

Configuration of the 18650 batteries
Configuration of the 18650 batteries

First the four batteries had to be carefully prised out of the top half of the pink case, as they were held in place by sticky foam tape. Then, I re-soldered the loose black wire to the inside fold of the folded metal strip connecting the positive terminals of the batteries. It was not easy, as the two pairs of batteries on either side of the folded metal strip had to be prised apart and bend away from each other, in order to give access to the previous solder point. Also, the folded metal strip and the positive terminals acted as a heat sink to the soldering iron tip so it was more by luck than judgement that I managed to not get a cold solder joint. Also, s the batteries were charged, the soldering was performed upon a live circuit, with all of the LEDs illuminated, making it even harder to see where to solder, as the LEDs were somewhat blinding.

Once the wire back been soldered back into place, it was a simple matter of using the sticky black foam tape to re-secure the two pairs of batteries back into the top half of the pink case.

Then it was a simple case of snapping the two halves of the case back together, ensuring that the hinges of the folding torch light fit snuggly into the recesses in the case halves,

Reassembled powerbank, minus the white strip
Reassembled powerbank, minus the white strip

All that remained, then was the fitting of the tiny screw and then re-applying the white strip along the side. Finally, it was fixed:





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