A Review and Tips


I was reading a review of the Anet A8, Anet A8 Review – Best cheap 3D Printer?, and found a few useful tips that were worth noting.


From Anet A8 Review – Best cheap 3D Printer?

Spare parts

I also bought few more spare parts, which according to the 3d printing community are a must.  Those parts are sort of expendables.

Here are the things I bought, and if you plan to buy this printer, I recommend you do that as well, most of them are like 1-2$ :

The last two items, I bough just in case, still haven’t used  them, since my thermistor and heater work well, for now.


Here’s a list of upgrades that you can download for free from Thingyverse and print them on your own printer!

From all of the above upgrades, I’ve seen the biggest results and improvements after adding belt tensioners in combination with the rubberized belt. In the instruction video I understood that the belts should not be that tight, where in reality they should. Tighter belts mean less wobbly prints.

I plan to test few more belt types, such as this fiberglass reinforced belt. One more upgrade which I plan to do is improve safety of electronics by adding a mosfet.


in this group on Facebook, go to files and download file called “The big troubleshooting file bundle”. There you’ll find few profiles and also an instruction on how to adjust it.

PDF: The Big Troubleshooting Guide, Bundle (zip):

Reinforced belt

I’d be careful doing the X tension upgrade until you are ready to change to the reinforced belt, if you over do it they can snap. For X upgrade I printed Anet_A8_prusa-i3_X-belt_holder from thingiverse.


Just a few observations from my own experience I bought mine from Gearbest £134 took 6 hours to assemble good way to learn..
Printed first time quality far better than pictures above
Prints more accurately than the £700 Creator Pro we have at work (would only say the menu is better that’s all ((is that worth £500+))
Prints within 0.05mm all day long
Belts have steel banding they DONT stretch
My machine is out the box with NO mods
If you are new to the game don’t get hung up by the tons of you tube videos of modding the hell out of it! not necessary!!!!
Some people have nothing better to do
Yes I would advise a few spares for around the hot head just in case you have a mishap.. nozzles extruder tube heater block etc all of about £8max
Yes the filament can be difficult to load and remove comes with experience




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