Selfie Canon?


I saw a Canon Selphy CP 760 for sale for 50 baht in a street market on Sunday, in Yu Chareon, just off Ratchada Soi 3

However, it had no supply supply, 24V 2.2 A. By luck, I managed to find a Canon power supply brick CA-CP200 B, 24 V which supplied 1.8 A. Obviously not the correct rating, but close enough to test the printer.

Featured image from Canon SELPHY CP 760 test.

The paper is expensive at 1500 baht for 1000 sheets and a print cartridge will set you back 760 baht.

Canon Selphy CP760 cartridge
Canon Selphy CP760 cartridge

Note that the CA-CP200 B differs from the Genuine CANON CA-CP200 24V 2.2A COMPACT POWER ADAPTER, which gives the correct 2.2 A:


The B version appears to be for the Selphy 900 which, apparently, has a lower power consumption. From Manuals 365, Canon SELPHY CP900 User Guide
Compact Power Adapter CA CP200 B.

A few weeks later, I chanced upon the correct power supply, for 30 baht:

Canon CA-CP200
Canon CA-CP200

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