Finding a cure for the Red Ring Of Death in Bangkok


A friend of mine passed me an XBox 360 Core to repair that was suffering the, well known, Red Ring Of Death (RROD).

“Well”, I thought, “we are in Bangkok, so this shouldn’t be too difficult to fix…”

The mission

Day One

I took the XBox to Fortune Town, in Ratchadaphisek, MRT Phra Ram 9, to two shops, one on floor 3 and the other on floor 4, just before Amorn. Both refused to touch it, as it requires the usual logic board swap, but both recommended going to China Town, to Mega Plaza Wangburapa, at Saphan Lek (Small Bridge). “It is best to get a guarantee of how long the board will last, from the engineer who changes it for you”, said the chap in the second shop. This is because, due to a horrific design fault, the RROD is bound to happen again, at some point in the future.

Day Two

Saphan Lek is a big cross roads on Yaowarat Road, near Charoen Krung, just up from the Hua Lamphong MRT station.

Map of Mega Plaza Location
Map of Mega Plaza Location
More to follow…


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