Selecting the right motherboard in Repetier


Repetier is just appalling. I can hardly be bothered to document trying to compile it, as Marlin is vastly superior. However, as I am one who does not cow down in the face of adversity, here goes.

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In Configuration.h there is:


This compiler directive is used in pins.h to select the pin definitions. The values that it can take are as follows:

0 (board Diecimila), 
1 (sanguino, sanguino baord), 
91 (OMC ATmega644 @ 20MHz), 
2 (Sanguino baord), 
21 (Gen3 PLUS, sanguino board), (Mega board), 
37 (Ulitmaker), 
80 (RUMBA, Mega board), 
4 (Duemilanove w/ ATMega328, Duemilanove w/ ATMega328 board), 
5.51 (Gen6, Sanguino board), 
6.62.65 (sanuinololu, sangino baord), 
63 (Melzi, sanguinololu board), 66 (Mega, mega board), 
7 (gen 7 1.1, gen 7 board), 
71 (gen 7 1.4.1, gen 7 board), 
72 (sethi, sethi board), 
73 openhardware frontprint (gen7 board)), 
8 teensylu, 
88 (Unique One, Teensyduino board), 
92 (printrboard rev f), 
9 (printrboard rev b), 
12 (3d Master, mega board), 
70 (megatronics), 
101 Felix printers, mega board), 
701 (Megatronics v2, mega board), 
702 (minitronics v1, minitronics board), 
703 (megatronics v3, mega board), 
301 (RAMBo, mega board),

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