Kossel – 25K


For those bigger Kossel builds.

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What are they?

From google groups – Metal Kossel 25000 Vertices [final version]

Below is a repost from the previous thread which was getting kind of long. Also thought it was worthwhile to condense some of the information about the current version of the aluminum vertices. (You can read the other thread to see how we got to this point.)
The part we are going to production with is detailed here. Our plan is to offer sets of 12-14 (you only need 12 to build a machine, extra parts may be added to compensate for any deficiencies in the initial production run.) The vertices will be compatible with 15x15mm to 20x60mm aluminum extrusions, though they will also work with 30x60mm (at least for the verticals.) They will be made of 2mm thick 5052 aluminum and (hopefully) have a black anodized finish.  The final price for the packaged sets has not yet been determined, however, it should come in at around US$35 (maybe less.) The variables in initial price are packaging, volume of first order, the costs associated with duties, shipping from the factory to the distribution centers, and incidental expenses.



Aluminium Extrusion

The largest extrusion support is:

  • 3060 for the Verticals
  • 2060 for the Horizontals

Also supported:

  • 1515
  • 2020
  • 2040
  • 3030
  • 2525
  • 2550

Example uses

From Prints rotated about the z axis

Part of the rebuild work is to give the printer metal corners (Robotdigg, rather than Kossel 25K), so plastic deformation won’t be a problem any more. Just wondering if there is some other potential cause that I should look out for during the rebuild.



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