How to compile Repetier with two extruders


This is a follow up to DIOORIG_FAN2_PIN_WPORT error.


I have finally managed to get Repetier.ino to compile. The problem lay with the Configuration.h file that came with the googledrive download, Repetier-Firmware-2017-06-09. Trying to either manually configure Configuration.h, or pre-loading it into Repetier’s configuration tool, always resulted in the same compilation error, see DIOORIG_FAN2_PIN_WPORT error. The simplest solution is to create a Configuration.h file from new, using the Configuration tool. When you do that, it will compile ok.

Or, if you really want to do it manually, either:

  1. Set NUM_EXTRUDER to 1 and not 2 as the FAN2 compile error comes from the second extruder’s set of #defines, or;
  2. More precisely, if you do have two extruders, then change the line #define EXT1_EXTRUDER_COOLER_PIN ORIG_FAN2_PIN and specify a pin, i.e. 65, en lieu of using ORIG_FAN2_PIN.

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