I started looking into vaping after I had a go on an Aspire Atlantis Mega at a BBQ that I had attended. At first, I was completely blinded by the terminology and the myriad of options and mods available, but then I realised that I wanted:

  • a high power system that uses 18650 batteries, which can be charged in-situ, if need be, using a micro USB charger and which has a good 510 connector
  • a buildable/modifiable tank system

Whilst not the immediate choice for a novice vaper, the Wisbec RX300 combined with a Cleito 120 with RTA system seemed ideal.

However, I was also tempted by the Aspire Elite kit, although the CF Maxx’s lack of removable 18650 batteries and odd, as in strange and non-standard, USB charger put me off somewhat…

See also



See Mouth to lung vs direct-to-lung (DL) vaping


For the meaning of RTA/RDA/RBA, see Differences RBA, RDA, RTA

Both RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomiser) and RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser) are RBAs (ReBuildable Atomisers). RBA is the superset, which, basically, means you can rebuild the coils :

  • RTA – Rebuildable coils and has a tank,
  • RDA -Rebuildable coils but has no tank, drip only. Results in a superior smoke, require constant top ups.

See Rebuildable Tanks Explained: RBAs vs RDAs vs RTAs vs RDTAs – also has other platforms explained. As this link explains, RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomiser) combine the superiority of the RDA smoke, with the convenience of the tank, that doesn’t require constant topping up. Limited success, mostly a marketing gimmick. An example of an RDTA is the OBS 25 mm Engine… see Tanks below.

There are a lot of RTA/RBA kits out there. However, for me, there are four main contenders:

  • Smok TF-RTA G2 and G4 – One tank, two types of RBA
  • Smok Baby Beast (and Big Baby Beast) TFV8 RBA
  • Aspire Cleito RTA – fits most Aspire tanks
  • Pandora (note: Cloned, not the Psychosis) – cheapo but maybe worth a punt

Excellent, and well reviewed

  • Griffin RBA (there is the 22mm, 25 mm and 25 mm plus)
  • OBS Engine Nano

Also mentioning:

  • Aspire Cleito 120 RTA – Fits only the Cleito 120
  • Cloud Beast TFV8 RBA


Dead rabbit RDA

Dead Rabbit RDA By Heathen – Full Review with Coil & Wick Tutorial by DJLsb Vapes

Wismec Gnome subohm tank

Wismec Reuleaux RX GEN3 Full Review with Charts and Disassembly by DJLsb Vapes, how to remove the ridiculous UK TRPR 2ml blocker, see 3:54, to give the full capacity.

Wismec Theorem

Reviews are 50/50. It has split the community. Poor design, but good flavour. Genesis style tank. See:

Top and mouthpiece gets hot. Notched coil. Only held together with O-rings.

  • O-ring tolerance is not precise, can be too tight or too loose
  • Can be difficult to open.
  • Bottom comes off when pulling top off
  • Need to rock glass to pull of, can crack

Need to unscrew cap to fill. Difficult to fill, as fill hole is halfway down the glass tank.

Airflow can be distorted by too much/too little cotton – can cook the e-liquid. Wick should just touch the bottom of the tank, and not wrap around, as it comes.

Can also make a dual vertical coil.

As usual, a poor design from Wismec.

However, the flavour with top air flow is great. A good single coil tank, a winner in that respect.

See also, Wismec Theorem RTA and Dual Coil Build – DJLsb Vapes Reviews. Comes with too much cotton. Wick the length to just protruding below the deck. Too avoid loose o-rings, rotate the tank once pushed on, to make a better seal.

Can do a dual vertical coil. Make very wide coils to fill the wide wicking channels. Vertical klapton coils not recommended, as tank gets hot. Good airflow options.

Steam Crave Aromamizer RTDA

Very airy but only held together with O-rings (v2). Don’t confuse with the RDA. Genesis style tank.

Aromamizer RDTA Limited Edition by SteamCrave – not a good review.

Steam Crave RDTA REVIEW!

Aromamizer RDTA – Tutorial (spanish)


Uwell Crown RBA Review + Titanium Coil Build and Crown V1.1?

Wotofo Sapor

Wotofo Sapor RTA Review

Wotofo Troll RDA

See Troll RDA Clone (Fasttech) – Review – Drip tip falls out, very poor

Wotofo Troll RTA

See Wotofo Troll RTA Review. Big coils, do 9 winds, pull end loop slightly to stretch and then tap in to shape, to make it a bit longer. Wotofo Troll RTA review – Overrated? – poor insulator, poor philips grub screws, poor threads – not good for high watts.

OBS 25 mm Engine

To fill you slide the top ring up to expose the fill hole, unusual. There are a number of versions:


The naming convention is a little confusing. I ended up with a OBS Engine Sub, thinking that it was an RTA version. So beware! The non RTA versions are for people who can’t/don’t want to make coils, and there is no RBA/RTA/RDA kit available, so once you have one, you are stuck with paying for expensive coils:


  • OBS Engine RTA 25 mm 5ml version, Top air flow. You do not wet the coils, they are automatically dripped upon…? Be wary of flooded decks, upon filling – flooding stops after two or three vapes, so long as you cover the juice intake holes, with a little cotton going in the holes. The cut outs in the deck line up with notches in the chimney to keep the air intake over the coils. See:
  • OBS ENGINE NANO 25 mm w/ 5.5 ml (actually it is 5 m juice capacity and SINGLE COIL build deck. – Have to backward (counter clockwise) wind the coils, very to offset holes, it is very easy to coil. See:
    •  OBS Engine Nano – Flavour rich single coil RTA. “The Nano is a little touchy with coil placement and wicking, but get it right and it performs perfectly. Mount the coil as high as you can and don’t stuff cotton through the holes, just place it barely into the holes.”  510 pin not protruding enough for a mechanical mod. For big coils, don’t put all the cotton in the hole, else after 5 vapes the juice may not wick sufficiently – not a dry hit, but flavour goes down. For micro coils, you can put the cotton (or most of it) in the holes.
    • OBS ENGINE NANO RTA – Single Coil Goodness! by Suck My Mod. Fill hole design means you need to fill slowly, be aware of flooding
    • OBS Engine Nano RTA Full Review + Coil Build Tutorial – DJLsb Vapes by DJLsb Vapes – 3.5 mm coil best, comb cotton. Less than 3.5 mm gives muted flavour. Simple round wire coil has too much airflow, exotic coils are ok, Good flavour and vapor. Top fill port will get juicy, hard to take apart (need to use a vape band), bad wicks will lead to flooding.

These tanks are going at around £13-18 second hand on eBay, which is ridiculous, so it makes more sense to purchase it new from either:


OBS Crius RDTA Full Review with Coil & Wicking Tutorial by DJLsb Vapes.


OBS Crius RTA Review + S/Steel Coil Build from Gearbest by DJLsb Vapes. Had good points but, not solid design (or not as solid as others), leaky bottom deck, leaky top, plenty of condensation, freely spinning tank, grub screws are not flat and cut thin wire when tightening, OBS say that they have fixed the issues, so be aware of which version you are getting – currently (see OBS Crius RTA Review (Velocity Deck Version) at 0:20) there is V1, 2 and 3!

There is an older version, with a non velocity style deck, so be aware of which version you are getting.

How to build the Griffin RTA and OBS Crius Vertical Coils Tutorial by DJLsb Vapes

iJoy Reaper Plus

iJoy Reaper Plus Review + Single and Dual Coil Build on Booth RBA’s – DJLsb Vapes Reviews. This has the same side port for filling, but has a silicone seal around the filling port to avoid leaks.

iJoy Limitless

iJoy Limitless RDTA Plus, It Just got better. This is a beautifully engraved tank, and comes with a nice matching mod

Kanger Toptank Mini

KANGER TOPTANK MINI, see Kanger Tech Toptank Mini Review by Vape Don’t Smoke, same as the Subank Mini, but you fill from the top. Comes with a RBA. Unscrew top.

Kanger Subtank Plus

7 ml capacity!

Aspire Triton

The Triton does have a RTA system available, on eBay, ASPIRE TRITON RTA KIT | RBA Deck For The Aspire Triton To Build Your Own Coils, £3.99.

It is also possible to rebuild the standard coils, see the tutorial by DJLsb Vapes, Aspire Atlantis and Triton Coil Head Rebuild With Nickel Wire.

Aspire Atlantis

With the Atlantis v2, you can change the coil, with the liquid in the tank, by holding the tank upside down, see Aspire Atlantis V2,Atlantis Mega, and CF Maxx Review – VapingwithTwisted420 Also you can’t add your own drip tip, due to the airflow vents in the top. Some people prefer the V1 as it has lesser airflow.

Note that Aspire Atlantis coils use ceramic wicks, which disintegrate and fragments can be inhaled. Therefore it is a very good idea to rebuild the coils with Japanese cotton.


There is not a RTA system for the Atlantis tank series …however, these videos, from VapeKing Reviews, suggest otherwise: Atlantis RBA/RTA Sneak Peek and Atlantis RTA/RBA Deck full Review. Unfortunately, the link to the coils is dead, Aspire Atlantis RBA coil v1, v2 and Mega. Also, the reviews are not good:

I’ve had this RBA section now for a few days. At first I thought it was pretty cool but that changed pretty quickly from using it. It’s really finicky to build the wick just right where you get decent airflow. It comes pre-wicked but there is so much cotton in it that the draw is like mouth to lung, really way too restrictive. I’ve got it built with good airflow sometimes but it doesn’t last long before it starts messing up. To start you can’t even get the cap off without taking the cotton out first cause the cotton spins with the cap hitting the coil. Almost every time you refill it the cap spins repositioning the cotton making the build useless. Almost have to rebuild it every time you refill it. I really tried to like the damn thing but the more I use it the more I hate it. Not user friendly in any sense of the word.

It should be noted that it is possible to rebuild the standard coils, see the tutorial by DJLsb Vapes, Aspire Atlantis and Triton Coil Head Rebuild With Nickel Wire. For a not so perfect and meticulous rebuild, see also Tutorial: Aspire Atlantis coil head rewick/rebuild using Japanese organic cotton.

Aspire Atlantis Mega

See aspire elite kit,contains the cf maxx and mega sub ohm tank.

The Mega you can not mod, it is what it is. Also you can’t add your own drip tip, due to the airflow vents in the top. see Aspire Atlantis V2,Atlantis Mega, and CF Maxx Review – VapingwithTwisted420. You can change the coil, with liquid in the tank, by holding the tank upside down. With a 0.3 coil, it needs more than 50W, so the CF Maxx may not be able to provide sufficient power. This review, Aspire Atlantis Mega Sub Ohm Tank Review, makes the good point that the Mega is a bit pointless as it is too wide, should have been longer and the capacity should have been 8 ml or more, or just provided a larger glass for the Atlantis 2.

Note that Aspire Atlantis coils use ceramic wicks, which disintegrate and fragments can be inhaled. Therefore it is a very good idea to rebuild the coils with Japanese cotton.


There is not a RTA system for the Atlantis tank series. However, there are some options:

I’ve had this RBA section now for a few days. At first I thought it was pretty cool but that changed pretty quickly from using it. It’s really finicky to build the wick just right where you get decent airflow. It comes pre-wicked but there is so much cotton in it that the draw is like mouth to lung, really way too restrictive. I’ve got it built with good airflow sometimes but it doesn’t last long before it starts messing up. To start you can’t even get the cap off without taking the cotton out first cause the cotton spins with the cap hitting the coil. Almost every time you refill it the cap spins repositioning the cotton making the build useless. Almost have to rebuild it every time you refill it. I really tried to like the damn thing but the more I use it the more I hate it. Not user friendly in any sense of the word.

Aspire Cleito

Mildly informative, Cleito VS Cleito 120 Review. Cleito coils are not compatible with the Atlantis coils, see Aspire Atlantis coil-fits.

Aspire Cleito 120

The Aspire Cleito 120, is just as big as the Aspire Mega, when you fit the fat boy glass, and has a RTA kit available. See Cleito 120 by Aspire The last tank you will ever have to buy!! or Aspire Cleito 120 – CLOUDS FUR DAYS – Vape Don’t Smoke Reviews – but can use up juice quickly. However, it needs a big battery pack, capable of supplying 120/150W, such as the Wismec RX300. The Delrin (POM) top and thread could easily break, and when opening the top it is necessary to push down on the Delrin when turning, otherwise the steel tank cap will also loosen, possibly resulting in spillage. See Aspire Cleito 120 Vs Smok Big Baby Beast | Cleito 120 Review, can only change coil when tank is empty. Mildly informative, Cleito VS Cleito 120 Review no build plate for the Clieto 120. Cleito good for one battery, more than one battery required for Cleito120

Aspire Cleito Exo

Worth a mention Cleito EXO… Aspire Cleito EXO – The Cleito…now TPD legal, only 2 ml:

The Aspire Cleito EXO is the latest tank from Aspire to carry on the Cleito family name. This one is different though. At 2ml capacity with the standard coil, it is one of the first large bore major mainstream sub-ohm tanks on the market to be TPD compliant for the UK and EU market, but it also has the added benefit of being able to take the original Cleito coils to increase the tank capacity to 3.5ml.

The Cleito RTA system will also fit, but not the Cleito 120 RTA.

Accepts a 510 mouthpiece, 23 mm, no airflow control, dual cover/skin.

Don’t over fill, and allow a new coil to “bed in” at 20-30 W below the minimum rating of the coil, when first using it.

Geekvape Griffin

The Griffin, many versions of this tank: see my other blog Which Geekvape Griffin is which?

There is, principally, the original 22 mm and a newer 25 mm version, which then have top airflow, mini and plus derivatives. See GeekVape Griffin RTA, The Griffin is meant to be good for modding, see Cleito vs griffin vs aspire mega? See:

There are, currently, five six types of Griffin.! They are:

  • Griffin
  • Griffin top airflow set
  • Griffin 25
  • Griffin mini 25
  • Griffin 25 +
  • Griffin AIO

See also How to build the Griffin RTA and OBS Crius Vertical Coils Tutorial by DJLsb Vapes

Geekvape Tsunami

22 mm

Geekvape Tsunami Plus


Geekvape Tsunami 24

24 mm version of the Tsunami 22. See Geek Vape Tsunami 24 Plus (“Bender” Edition) Review

Geekvape Avocado

Avocado 24 By Geek Vape – Review – Mike Vapes – good mod, poor review

GeekVape Avacado 24 Build & Wicking Tutorial – By Lightning Vapes

Smok Baby Beast TFV8

The 22 mm, 3 ml Smok Baby Beast TFV8 (not the larger 24 mm, 6 ml Cloud Beast TFV8), which is reviewed here: From DJLsb Vapes: See SMOK Baby TFV8 Review + RBA Coil Build Tutorial – DJLsb Vapes. It is 510 driptip/mouthpiece compatible, with dual O-rings and comes with the V8 Baby – Q2 and V8 Baby – T8 coils (NOTE: these are not the V8-Q4 and V8-T8, which come with the Cloud Beast and it also lacks the V8 RBA). There is a separate RBA kit, which has a larger glass to accommodate the RBA. On eBay:

This RBA is for the normal 3ml pre-TPD Baby Beast. If you have the 2ml Baby Beast this is NOT compatible.

NOTE: There is a 24.5 mm, 5 ml Big Baby Beast (BBB), which is the same size as the Cloud Beast but with slightly lower capacity. However, the BBB uses the coils of the Baby Beast, so it is a hybrid. See SMOK TFv8 Cloud Beast or TFv8 Big baby beast?

NOTE: The TPB Baby Beast is 2 ml.

Comes with the Smok Alien.

Note: The naming convention used by Smok is somewhat confusing: There is a TFV8 [Big] Baby Beast and a TFV8 Cloud Beast. There is also a TFV4.

Smok Cloud Beast TFV8

This review, Smok TFV8 The Cloud Beast Sub Ohm Tank Review + Insomnia Child e-Liquid by Zophie Vapes, explains this tank. See SMOK TFv8 Cloud Beast or TFv8 Big baby beast?

The Cloud Beast comes with 3 coils: V8-T8, V8-Q4, and V8-RBA. Maximum capacity is  5.5ml and 6 ml, depending on the coil size, V8-T8 and V8-Q4, respectively. It has a swivel top. The standard coils are huge and use a lot of e-Liquid (like the Cleito 120). Tank does not leak. Giant juice fill holes.

RBA concerns: Do a dry burn, look for hotspots. Watch you for shorts. Gets hot over 160W, The posts may be bent.

Smok Cloud Beast King TFV12

This review, SMOK TFV12 The Cloud Beast King Sub Ohm Tank Review. Wrap RBA coils counter clockwise, see SMOK TFV12 Full Review + Giveaway + RBA Build Tutorial – DJLsb Vapes.

There are two RBA kits, the dual coil RBA and the three coil. RBA-T. On eBay, Genuine SMOK TFV12 V12 RBA/RBA-T kit, £10.45, or Original SMOK TFV12 T12 X4 Q4 T6 RBA RBA-T Replacement Coils US Stock.

This is a large tank, with a 25 mm diameter base and 28 mm diameter glass.

Smok TFV4


Smok TF-RTA G2 & G4

See Mike VapesDe-Bang DBox Mini and DTank Sub Review and Zophie VapesSmok TF-RTA G2 & G4 Review & Comparison. Dual & Quad coils, Fused Claptons.

On eBay, Authentic Smoktech SMOK TF-RTA G4 Sub Ohm Tank Clearomizer – Silver….., £9.99 +0.99 (Auction), or Authentic Smoktech SMOK TF-RTA G4 Sub Ohm Tank Clearomizer – Black, £11.24+0.99. The G2 has good airflow and easy to build. The G4 is more fiddy and may have more restricted airflow.

Smok Trident

1, 2 or 3 coils, dripping atomiser

Smok Trident VDA [Quick Look] | UK ECIG STORE

Naturevape Smok Trident VDA


Eleaf Lyche

Top side port fill – may be a bit small for glass droper. Has a nice RBA, but that is a separate accessory, the airflow could be improved, as it only mingles at the top area of the coil. See Eleaf LYCHE Review with RBA Review.  However, it can suffer from bad spit back, see Eleaf Lyche Review | NotchCoil | Leak-Proof | Joyetech Cubis 1.5


Eleaf Melo 3 Mini

The Melo 3 Mini tank you can change the coil with the tank full of liquid. 2.6 ml. The top unscrews completely for refilling. Aspire Atlantis coils are compatible (but not Aspire Cleito), and previous Melo coils also fit, see Aspire Atlantis coil-fits. 510 mouthpiece/driptip. The coils are wicked with Japanese cotton, and not Aspire’s dangerous ceramic wicks.

RTA/RBA systems are available, on eBay:

Comes with the Eleaf Pico Dual kit.

Tanks on eBay:


See What coils will fit in Melo 3?

Atlantis, Triton, CCell, super tank Mini. Also I think ijust

Notched coils are available for the Melo III, see Authentic Eleaf EC NC SS316L Notch Coil Head – Silver, 0.25 Ohm (30~60W) (5 PCS), $7.99

The popular stainless steel NotchCoil is newly introduced as a member of EC series atomizer heads. The SS316L coil supports VW / Bypass / TC-SS / TCR Mode. It is compatible with: iJust 2 / iJust 2 mini atomizer, MELO III atomizer, MELO 2 atomizer, MELO atomizer. Being capable of working under high wattage, this new EC NC 0.25 ohm Head will give you a great vaping experience with large vapor production and good flavor.

Note that the Eleaf Lyche coils do NOT fit!


Elabo sub-ohm tank, which has a nice sliding top mechanism for filling, which is very convenient – although you must remove the driptip, as it is a “locking feature”. Standard 510 mouthpiece compatible. Can change coil with full tank. 4ml.

Comes with the Wismec Predator.

Other Tanks

See SUPERTANK SHOOTOUT! – TFV12, Maxo V12, Reux, Blazer 200, Cleito 120, TFV8, Melo 300, & More!, which compares eight tanks

  • TVF8 – three “engines” including a RBA/RTA, rotary pivot flip top, 4 coils, 6ml, 24.5 mm
  • TVF12 – no RBA included, rotary pivot slide top, 6 coils, RBA version available, 27 mm
  • Blazer 200, hinged top. Accepts TVF8 coils, separate RBA (not included). See also Sense Blazer 200 Tank Review and Giveaway – DJLsb Vapes. Comes with 510 driptip adapter. See also Sense Blazer mini Unboxing + First Impressions – DJLsb Vapes, which is 510 drip tip compatible, and also has the hinged top. 3.5 ml. Highly recommended.
  • JayBo Reux – unscrew top, no glass, no RTA deck in the standard box, RTA is in the advanced box, 6 ml
  • Artic v12 – unscrew top, steel tops are easier to unscrew than the Delrin tops. Has 24 coils
  • Melo 300 – slide top. Accepts TVF8 coils
  • Cleito 120 – unscrew top, can’t change coil with liquid, meh…
  • JoyTech Ornate, manual juice flow control, 510 drip adapter, small coilheads, 6 ml
  • Maxo v12, pop hinged top, can be hard to close. Biggest coil heads, 6 coils, RBA


The Innokin kit, Innokin Cool Fire Coolfire 4 IV Kit 40W Shisha Pen With iSub Tank for £25. With a power of 40 W and comes with a PolyCarbonate iSub, see Innokin iSub Tank Review – Excellent Sub Ohm Tank – Excellent Price, en lieu of a glass tank, which can be cracked by some vape juice. You can’t change the polycarbonate for glass as it does not come apart from the chimney. This is the manufacturer’s website for that particular device, Cool Fire IV Vape Mod

This Cool Fire IV TC 100W Temperature Control Vaping SystemINOKIN COOLFIRE 4 plus INNOKIN I SUB G PLUS LIQUID, an auction for £22 + £3.95, Micro USB charger. Normally £34 for just the battery pack.

The Cool Fire IV(4) TC 18650 Vape System, 75W. On eBay,

Aspire Elite

The Aspire Elite kit, see aspire elite kit,contains the cf maxx and mega sub ohm tank, or Aspire Atlantis V2,Atlantis Mega, and CF Maxx Review – VapingwithTwisted420 is a big kit. It is cheap at the time of writing, as, when it came out, it was $125, now 100% Genuine Aspire Elite Kit (New), £25. Comes with the Mega. Note that the Atlantis v1 or v2 might be a better bet than the Mega though, for you, depending on your preference… The Mega may seem a bit over the top.

Aspire Platinum Kit

Comes with the CF Sub and Atlantis v2. On eBay,

Other kits

Other notable kits include:

  • The Eleaf Pico Dual kit (Mod and Melo III mini)
  • The Smok Alien 220W kit
  • Wismec Predator 228 kit

These kits are covered more fully in the Mods section.


Innokin Coolfire iV has a micro USB charger and is easy to open, see Coolfire IV takedown. Provides 6-40W, adjustable. Battery cannot be replaced with a 18650, see Innokin Cool Fire IV Died!

The Innokin Coolfire IV TC 100W has more power, supplied by a 2S battery, not 18650, see Innokin coolfire 4 tc100w broken/teardown. May have issues with battery life, see Coolfire IV TC100 battery life issues. Also power on issues, see Innokin Coolfire 4 tc100 problems. See The Innokin Cool Fire IV TC 100W and iSub-V – DJLsb Vapes Reviews and Giveaways by DJLsb Vapes

There is the Cool Fire IV(4) TC 18650 Vape System, which, as the name would suggest, does take 18650 batteries. However, it does not have a Micro USB charge port. The power is 75W.

The Aspire CF Maxx is a big device, see Aspire CF Maxx Subohm battery – MyFreedomSmokes – YouTube, and may not be possible to open. Variable wattage, via the use of the dial at the base of the unit  – which could be a problem, it can change whilst in your pocket. No Micro USB charge port. Power 5-50W, Coils 0.3 to 5.0 ohms.

IPV 4/IPV5 Bad reviews, good reviews, see To everyone looking to buy an IPV 5 don’t, but it does use 18650 batteries, so they are replaceable, and uses a micro USB charger. IPV5 Mod By Pioneer4You Full Review – the earlier versions of this companies products were shoddy, i.e. IPV2 and you needed the S versions to come out for the bugs to be ironed out. 0.5 to 3.0 ohms. You should not charge the batteries in the device. From DJLsb Vapes, there is a very in depth review, IPV5 Mod By Pioneer4You Review + Disassembly + Charts and Tests – Very good 510 connector. Wasted space, no screen lock, buttons don’t match screen orientation, gap between case and screen, temp control PWM, can not adjust temp (watts and joules are used instead). On eBay, this IPV5 went for £20.89+£2.90. See also, After the Hype – IPV4 100 Watt Mod- Still Good? – VapingwithTwisted420, 22 mm diameter tanks.

See also IPV D2 Review by Pioneer4You + Power Charts + TC Tests, on eBay pioneer ipv d2 box mod, £3.76 +£4

Cuboid 200 takes 3 x 18650 batteries, from JoyeTech, Joyetech Cuboid 200 with 3 x Batteries, £28. It has some issues though, see Cuboid 150/200w TC box mod review (not good), shim is required to stop pushing the 510 pin down too far. For the Cuboid 150, this detailed video shows how to clean the gunk from spilled e-juice, Joyetech Cuboid No Atomizer or Atomizer Short FIX, glue prevents the red wire to the 510 from moving and reduces the spring effect.

JoyeTech Cuboid 200 (250)

No longer a cuboid shape. Firmware upgradable to 250. Confusion arises between the Cuboid 150 and 200, due to these firmware updates, as people looking for the 150 (below) end up searching for the “200” and come up with this mod, rather than the Cuboid 150, and vice versa.

JoyeTech Cuboid 150 (200)

From DJLsb Vapes: See Joyetech Cuboid Review + TC Charts + Power Charts + Disassembly + Firmware Update – DJLsb Vapes. Requires two 25A 18650 batteries, in series. Good micro USB balanced charging (although the reported voltage may be inaccurate, it is equally inaccurate so they stay balanced), can vape whilst charging, charges at 0.89A. Heavy, elegant, nice size. Mediocre 510, – Throw 0.8 mm. On eBay (you need to search for “150”, not “200” as it is a firmware update that provides the 200W)

A great mod, very good temperature control and power accuracy, no dropped voltage. Tight battery thick wraps may cause problems, strong battery door, but battery door can cause disconnections when touched, stainless steel rusts, . Feels solid. Nice buttons. Has OS X firmware app.

Yihi SX Mini Q class

Uses dual 18650 batteries, From DJLsb Vapes: See SX MiNi Q Class SX450J 200W Full Review + Charts – DJLsb Vapes. Pricey, this one, YiHi SX Mini Q Class Used works great. FREE SHIPPING., was second hand, and went for £50, which was a steal, and I wish I had bought it. Normally, if you can find them new, they are $200, see GENUINE SX MINI Q CLASS 200W-MOD-TC/VW by YiHiThrow 1.52 mm

Smok Alien 220

Not to be confused which the 85W Baby Alien (aka Alien Mini AL85)

Uses dual 18650 batteries, can do a wonderfully balanced charge at 1A, and it can vape while charging, with a long battery life down to 2.80 V. From DJLsb Vapes: See SMOK Alien Kit Full Review + Firmware Upgrade Tutorial + Charts and Graphs – DJLsb Vapes. However, also see this report, SMOK Alien 220W – USB charge testing and analysis! by VapeyMcGyver, which points out some floating charge issues.

On eBay,

Great 510 connector, – Throw 1.5 mm. This is a great mod, nice screen, fire bar (not button), battery door is solid. Fits 25 mm diameter tanks.

Power ranges from 6W to 220W with 0.1W increments below 100 W and 1W increments above 100W

Contrary to some reports, there is no BlueTooth, see smok alien bluetooth??

Note: Firmware does not support OSX

The Smok Alien 220W can come in a kit with a Smok Baby Beast (see Tanks above). On eBay,

Note that there are two firmware versions for the hardware A and B:

Note: Firmware does not support OSX, SMOK’s support page

Note that it may be need to repair the play on the fire bar, see SMOK Alien Wobbly Firing Bar Repairing Tutorial – DJLsb Vapes

Smok G320

Triple 18650. From DJLsb Vapes: See SMOK Marshal G320 Full Review + Charts + Disassembly – DJLsb Vapes by DJLsb Vapes.

Seigel Fuchai 213

Dual 18650 Batteries, in-situ balance charger, charges at 1.93 A. Good 510, Throw 1.52 mm. Battery door is strong. Fire button is away from the tank, so no leak problems. From DJLsb Vapes: See Sigelei 213 Lies unveiled + Charts + Disassembly, 10-213. It is a great device – good looking and well built device, a good form, light, aluminium case, good screen but:

  • maximum is only 155W,
  • can not lock resistance,
  • very poor temperature control,
  • no firmware upgradability,
  • TCR tools are way off.
  • Do not use on Nickel

On eBay, Sigelei FUCHAI 213W TC Box Mod – Gray £39.99. Note: Fuchai seem to have a bit of a bad reputation.

Eleaf firmware

From Eleaf downloads for Windows and OSX

Eleaf iStick TC 200W

On eBay:

Three 18650 batteries. Whilst it is possible to charge via the micro USB, the manual suggests not to – no real firmware upgrades beyond v1.03. 510 connector better than the Wismec. Basically an upgraded and cheaper (better value) Wismec RX200. See Eleaf Istick 200w review (basically a wider reuleaux with updated 510).

Also Eleaf iStick TC200W Box Mod Review, from MahafsounLair, the power range is quick, over 100W increment by 1W, and 0.1 W under 100W. Good size, and does not overheat.

Eleaf iStick TC 100W

From DJLsb Vapes: See Eleaf iStick TC100W Review + TC Charts + Power Charts + Disassembly + Firmware Upgrade, Two 18650 in parallel, good balanced charge, but not a full range, vape while charging and charges at 0.9A. Nice fire bar. 510 connector is good, but Atomisers with longer connectors can have problems. Good temperature control, slight inaccuracy, but no more than other mods.

Eleaf Pico Dual

The Eleaf Pico Dual comes with the Avatar RC adapter, so that it can be used as a power bank for charging your phone, etc., and on eBay:

However, a major design flaw means that it can only take tanks with a maximum diameter of 25 mm – so that discounts the Aspire Mega, and possibly the Cleito 120 with the fatboy glass, although this image shows that the Cleito does fit on the Pico Dual (from Vape: eleaf pico dual & aspire cleito, £35), so, it is the base diameter that matters, not the glass, once the height of the base has surpassed the bulge of the battery kludge:

Cleito with Fatboy glass on Eleaf Pico Dual
Cleito with Fatboy glass on Eleaf Pico Dual

Uses two 18650 batteries and features a trickle balanced charger via the Micro USB port, see Eleaf Pico Dual, Capable of Quick Charge. The battery door catches can snap off, see here. From DJLsb Vapes: See Eleaf Pico Dual 200W Kit Unboxing – DJLsb Vapes.

The kit comes with a Melo 3 Mini, see Tanks above. The Melo 3 Mini gets a slating in this review, although the mod itself gets a thumbs up, see ELeaf Pico Dual – An Honest Review.

The 510 connector could be sketchy, as there is not a lot of play, as it is more or less the same as the Wismec and JoyeTech devices.

There is not much information on the charged balancing performance can be found. Another review from vaping360: Eleaf iStick Pico Dual 200W preview.  This just states that the charging is OK but recommended to do outside the mod. Another, from guide to vaping, A Complete Guide To The Eleaf Pico Dual, makes no mention of the charging capability at all.

NOTE: Firmware for Windows and OSX

See also, Vaping e cigarette thailand legal illegal.

Eleaf Pico

For the Eleaf Pico, similar to the Dual, but only one battery. From DJLsb VapesEleaf iStick Pico and Melo III mini – DJLsb Vapes Reviews. 1-75 W, It has a good internal construction and a replaceable standard looking 510 connector, see section 510 connector below. However, the 510 connector could be sketchy, as there is not a lot of play, as it is more or less the same as the Wismec and JoyeTech devices – Throw 0.96 mm. Again the design limits the sizer of the tank to 25 mm see Which Vape Tanks Fit On The Eleaf iStick Pico 75W TC Mod?

Another good analysis of the charger: Pico Internal USB charging – Testing and Analysis! : electronic_cigarette by VapeyMcGyver. This thread, Istick pico charging batteries with USB cable?, covers the risks of constasntly using the USB cable and breakng the micro USB port off the PCB. The Alien Smok would not suffer from this, as it is through PCB mounted (see here).

Be aware of clones, see Review iStick Pico Original vs Clone (By MoneyTiger). The PC firmware gives a “None Device” error @ 7:30.

Quad 18650 mods

RX300 Vs Smok GX350 Vs Ijoy Maxo | Quad Mod Showdown!!

Hammer of God

Hammer of God Box Mod

Smok GX350

Smok H Priv Mod 220W Neu Silber Besser als Smok Alien G Priv GX350 Wismec RX300, £44.43+£2.63. Throw 1.5 mm. Takes four 18650 batteries (can not use only two batteries, this ability was removed), No in-situ charge. From DJLsb Vapes:  SMOK GX350 Kit Full Review and Giveaway with Charts, Graphs and Disassembly.

See also SMOK GX350 vs WISMEC RX300 | SHOWDOWN! | – The Vaping Bogan:

  • GX350
    • Cons
      • Tight battery case and lid
      • Display gets covered by 30 mm mod
      • Only two batteries are displayed
      • Small display
      • No Wattage displayed in temperature controll
    • Pro
      • Screen on top
      • Nice feel in the hand
      • Ease of use menu system
      • Fire bar
      • Silicon cover for USB port
  • RX300
    • Pros
      • Nice finish
      • Good screen, well laid out
      • Pre-heat is good
      • Good battery door
    • Cons
      • Not comfortable to hold, bulky
      • Complex menu system
      • 30 mm tanks have overhang

iJoy Maxo

IJOY Maxo Zenith Box Mod | IWEPAL Chip | 2.5V to 6.5V | Unique firing button, £27. Throw 1.33 mm. Takes three 18650 batteries, No in-situ charge.

iJoy Maxo Quad

iJoy Maxo Quad – 315W, £35 (used) IJOY MAXO QUAD 18650 BOX MOD, £39.99 + £2.50, Takes two, or four, 18650 batteries, No in-situ charge. From DJLsb Vapes:  iJoy MAXO Full Review + Charts + Disassembly – DJLsb Vapes, good temp control. Comfortable but heavy, battery door gap, Stiff spring in 510 connector

Wismec RX300

The 10 day review for the Wismec RX300,

The Wismec RX300, on eBay:

However, Wismec suffer a bad reputation, read the comments here: A Complete Guide To The Reuleaux RX2/3 and a quick search with reveal that the RX300 has a number of complaints also, see wismec rx300 problems.  Most of the complaints seem to be down to the 510 pin/connector – Throw 1.5 mm. As this video points out, Wismec RX300 HONEST review and tech test, the same connector, with the wide head is used by Joyetech, and they all suffer the same issues, with the poor connector pin, it is a brick, inconsistant/inaccurate in watt mode, temp control poor, poor menu system, feels cheap, gets (very) hot (not the batteries, just the electronics) even at 150W, +1 increments in power, 30 mm tanks have overhang (and the edging/lip prevent fitting), poor 510 (no spring, no 510 assembly). Another very good in depth review, from DJLsb VapesWismec Reuleaux RX300 Full Review with Charts and Disassembly – This device can act as a power pack using the Avatar Reverse Charge (RC) Adapter, which is included with the eLeaf iStick Pico Dual, or available separately. The RX300’s cons are that:

  • it is too big, (when compared to the quad 18650 Smok GX350 and iJoy Maxo mods);
  • it jumps out of temperature control too soon;
  • battery charging, via the micro USB is not recommended a the balanced charger is poor, and can overcharge
  • However, check for the latest firmware version,  as these issues may be ironed out.

As this video, Reuleaux RX300 Box Mod Review! | Vaporleaf, shows, it is overkill, and the batteries are hard to remove. 1W to 300 W.  See Wismec Reuleaux RX 300W – Vape Don’t Smoke Reviews – controller same as Joyetech CUBOID/eVic, box mod. There is overhang for the larger tanks. See also A Complete Guide To The Reuleaux RX300 Mod, which mentions the Avatar power bank adapter – on eBay:

Avatar RC adapter
Avatar RC adapter

The Avatar RC adapter can be used with:

  • Eleaf Pico Dual;
  • Wismec RX300;
  • Wismec Predator.

The Avatar RC adapter can not be used with:

  • Wismec RX2/3

Wismec RX300S

From eCigOne, RX300S,  £49.99 – However, after a quick google, there doesn’t appear to be an RX300S version… so make of that what you will.

Wismec RX200

From DJLsb Vapes: SeeReuleaux RX200 and DNA200 by Wismec! + Screen Ribbon Fix

Wismec DNA200

From DJLsb Vapes: SeeReuleaux RX200 and DNA200 by Wismec! + Screen Ribbon Fix

See also Reuleaux DNA 200 vs Reuleaux RX200: What’s The Difference — Besides Price?

Wismec Predator 228

From DJLsb Vapes see Wismec Predator 228 Kit Review with Charts and Disassembly, comes with tank: Elabo sub-ohm tank, which has a nice sliding top mechanism for filling, which is very convenient – although you must remove the driptip, as it is a “locking feature”. Standard 510 mouthpiece compatible. Can change coil with full tank. 4ml. Throw 2.5 mm. On eBay, Wismec Predator 228 228W Authentic Starter & Advance Kit – 1 to 228 Watt, £49.99, so not cheap.

From eCigOne, PREDATOR 228 NEW COLOURS, £34.99

Jumps out of temperature control, as the RX300 does, chipset doesn’t sense for long enough. Has a fire bar (not a button). Can also act as a power bank with the Avatar RC adapter. There is a Avatar Quick Charger available separately:

Avatar Quick Charger
Avatar Quick Charger

You can charge using the micro USB port, but it gets hot, balance charges well. Can vape whilst charging! Not sure if this is safe.

Wismec Predator, likewise has a poor 510 assembly, see google search, i.e. the 510 falls out (from DJLsb Vapes see WARNING Wismec Predator 228 510 Issue!!!) and there is a firing issue (due to juice leaks in the firing assembly – use silicone to seal), see WARNING!!! WISMEC/SINUOUS PREDATOR 228 510 CONNECTOR AND SWITCH ISSUES!!!.  How to fix to lose 510 connector, from Kamikazi Vapes see (warping the ground ring) WISMEC PREDATOR 228 HOW TO FIX THE 510 / STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS, and (using less glue, and not distorting/bending the ground ring) WISMEC PREDATOR 228 POSSIBLE RECALL AND A QUICK FIX but also:

I still had ohm & firing issues. After some fiddling around, I discovered that the 3 screws inside the battery door were loose. Now that I’ve tightened them, it gives me the correct ohm reading & fires.

Apparently the second batch of these mods have the 510 connector problem fixed.

For the firing issue, see Wismec predator 228 firing issues fix.

Wismec RX2/3

Takes 2 or 3 batteries. From DJLsb Vapes see Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3 Full Review + 510 Connection Replacement, “with the same crappy 510 connector”. Bad 510 connector. Does charge via micro USB port, but not good balanced charging, see @50:00. Also, it only tells you that the batteries are unbalanced, when charging, but not when vaping, see @52:18. Bad temp control, inaccurate. Battery door mechanism is sketchy and gets worse over time. The Avatar RC adapter can not be used. You can replace the 510 connector, see @34:55.


  • Form factor, especially in dual battery.
  • Versatile, dual or triple 18650 batteries
  • Build quality
  • Big screen
  • Functionality – many
  • Accuracy power
  • Temp control – TCR, 0.118 for SS


  • 510 connector
  • Off resistance
  • Temp control is poor, forNi and Ti is inaccurate – unless you use the TCRs above.
  • Screen dim in sunlight
  • Battery door mechanism

Wismec issues

The 10 day review for the Wismec RX300 – has some good comments, mentions RX2/3 soldering issue, see RX 2/3 check battery issue FIX November 2016, a simple soldering fix – for greater detail, see Detailed Guide On How To Fix Wismec Reuleaux RX 2/3 Check Battery Problem – English.

Wismec RX300 battery compartment issue and Rx300 battery compartment issue show the batteries bad connection problem, which can, apparently, be solved by bending out the terminal connections. Or cleaning the contacts, WISMEC RX300 Check Battery Issue SOLVED!, or loosening a screw Wismec rx 300 battery issues

Wismec reuleaux rx 300 – no atomizer found problem!!!!, push the spring connector seems to maybe fix the issue, but the connectors are known to be bad. A fix, for non-adjustable 510 connectors: Cheap, easy, better, cuboid 510 connector fix! Apparently caused by getting junked up with juice. Cardboard business card, or creditcard, cut in the shape of a shim, will soak up excess juice. If pin pushed down too far, then “Atomiser short” error occurs, or the spring doesn’t spring back sufficiently. Clean it and screw in the correct order: 2017! NO ATOMIZER FOUND FIX IS HERE! All Smok Beast atomizers! Wismec Reuleaux RX 2/3 VAPE PROBLEMS!

Screen problem, Reuleaux RX300 Screen problem, and Wismec RX300 Display no longer works after firmware update, and Product Rx300 Silver Carbon, LCD screen went down. Fix for RX2/3 Wismec RX 2/3 Riparazione / Black Screen Fix. From Wismec Reuleaux RX300 OLED Screen Problem (Not working, kinda…)

I’ve spent about 2 hours searching on how to fix this issue with the RX300 Wismec. I literally just fixed mine 2 minutes ago. My OLED was completely black/off.

Undo the two tiny security screw at the bottom and take the face of the RX300 off and set it to the side.

Now, with a tiny flat head screw driver you need to pry the OLED screen off the board. (This is the hard black plastic, NOT THE GLASS!) There are 4 little plastic footings that will pop out the board so be careful.

Once the OLED is waving in the breeze move it to the side over the Trigger button. This will have exposed the ribbon cable.

Here’s the fun part: – Have the RX300 horizontal on the table infront of you so the OLED is pushed off to the LEFT handside of you. -The very top TWO pins of the Ribbon cable need to be re-soldered together. You can test to see if this works but shorting them out with your tiny flat head and plugging the RX300 into your PC via USB. (I’d recommend having the batteries out for the soldering, just to be safe)

It should work instantly. I hope this helps everyone!

Edit: I’ve just found that the Videos on Youtube labelled as RX2/3 Screen fix are EXACTLY the same fix for the RX300. Only difference is popping the OLED off with a flat head.

Firmware update issues are also experienced.

Ribbon cable caught under the fire button, Vaping:REULEAUX WARNING/FAILURE CAUSE/FIX TIME SENSATIVE, the same fix for rx200 – Screen cable modification on the Wismec Reuleaux – suggest not to use the ribbon to extract the batteries as the plastic rings around the terminals can break the LiPo 18650 plastic film covering.

Firmware mods

One of the BEST Custom Vape Mod Firmware For Multiple Devices Tons of Features Wismec, Evic Update, link Custom Firmware For Multiple Vape E-cig Devices

wismec reuleaux RX300 how to get 400 watt version 5.14, highlights the hardware version error. Workaround using NFE Toolbox.

Arctic Box: Github:maelstrom2001/ArcticFox. Supported devices:

  • Joyetech:

    • eVic VTC Mini
    • eVic VTC Dual
    • eVic VTwo Mini
    • eVic VTwo
    • eVic AIO
    • eVic Basic
    • eVic Primo
    • eVic Primo 2.0
    • eVic Primo Mini
    • eGrip II / Light
    • Cuboid Mini
    • Cuboid
    • Cuboid 200


    • Presa TC75W
    • Presa TC100W
    • Reuleaux RX75
    • Reuleaux RXmini
    • Reuleaux RX200
    • Reuleaux RX200S
    • Reuleaux RX2/3
    • Reuleaux RX300
    • Predator 228
    • VF Lite
    • VF Stout
    • VF Classic
    • BV Centurion
    • La Petite Box
    • VS Switchbox


    • Aster
    • iStick Pico 75W
    • iStick Pico Mega 80W
    • iStick Pico Dual
    • iStick Pico RDTA
    • iStick iPower 80W
    • iStick TC100W
    • iStick TC200W
    • iStick QC 200W

iPhone Mods

There are a couple of cases for the iPhone 5 that double as mods.


The Lotus (or Vision) VapeCase, see the minimal Lotus webpage, Sub Ohm Vape Case for Iphone 5/5s, and this domain appears to have expired VapeCaseUSA. It is best to plump for version 2 that supports sub-ohm, as version 1 only supports 2.4 Ohm. From Amazon, IdealVape “The Vape Case” by Lotus Iphone 5 5s/5c Case & 4 stage Variable Voltage Ecig Mod

This device is compatible with atomisers ranging from 1.6ohms to 2.8ohms. Protank and Iclear30 generally operate around 2.4ohms, and work best with this unit.

However, it can be difficult to find a sub-ohm capable version 2.

There are a few suppliers, but it is not clear if these are sub-ohm capable:


Building a 2.4 Ω coil

From Looking for tips to start building my own (RTA) 1.8ohm coils:

For 1.8 ohm coil use 30 ga Kanthal 6-7 turns with a 2.4 mm diameter.
Will be a bit flimsy but work fine.
28 ga will be easier and stiffer but will take 10-11 turns.


iPhone Vaporizer Case

See iPhone Vaporizer Case, could be fake.

Box Mods

This section has moved, see Vaping – Box Mods.


How to build, from DJLsb Vapes: See SMOK Baby TFV8 Review + RBA Coil Build Tutorial – DJLsb Vapes @ 19:30. See also iJoy Captain RTA Full Review with Coil and Wick Tutorial


There are five commonly used materials used for coils:

  • Kanthal (FeAlCr)
  • Ni200/Ni80
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ti
  • NiCr

Nickel should only be used for temp control and not power (see This is because Nickel can melt easily at a high applied power. From Vape Coils 101 – The 5 Types of Wire:

Nickel wire is an Olympic sprinter when it comes to ramp up time as it has almost zero resistance to electric current.  It was previously used with Kanthal or NiChrome as it has a really bad habit of melting if you try to use it at high wattage.  However, since temperature control was introduced Ni200 has become a mainstay in many companies pre-built coils as it is effective when used correctly.

Read more


From Explained: Fused Clapton, Kanthal, Stainless Steel, Titanium OH MY!:

Resistance voltage charts,  an example from

Voltage vs Resistance Chart
Voltage vs Resistance Chart

You can use 24 SWG stainless steel, from DJLsb Vapes: See SMOK Baby TFV8 Review + RBA Coil Build Tutorial – DJLsb Vapes @ 20:50. On eBay, prices for 10m 24AWG:


Health Concerns?

Take a read of this article: Let’s Discuss Wire, What’s Safe, What’s Not!

Clapton Coils

Making clapton wire

You can make your own Clapton wire: Can i make a Clapton coil with 26g and flat ribbon?.

See also Zophie Vapes using a drill and the Coil Master 314, How to make Clapton Wire / Drill & Coil Master 314 / Eagle Tank by Geekvape, (using a ~0.4 mm (24 SWG) core and ~0.2 mm (32 SWG) wrap) and another example of using a drill, Clapton coil made easy (using a 26 SWG core and a 30 SWG wrap).

All you need is a thicker gauge wire (low SWG) and a thinner gauge wire (higher SWG). Clapton coils are usually made using Kanthal (FeCrAl) wire, but can be made using Stainless steel.

Using Stainless Steel, Super easy method for stainless steel claptons, 0.25 mm (~30 SWG) and 0.4 mm (26 – 24 SWG)

Wire thickness mm or SWG/AWG

Converting SWG to mm can be a bit of a rough art, and some companies, such as the Crazy Wire Company, give rough conversion figures, that may not be entirely accurate. See SWG to mm conversion:

SWG      mm

24      0.559
26      0.4572
28      0.3759
30      0.3150
32      0.2743

Rebuilding commercial coils

It is actually possible to rebuild the standard commercial disposable coils, see these videos for rebuilding the Aspire Atlantis coils:

Coil Meters


DIY Ohm Meter

Build your own, see Diy ohm meter????? Parts list or modify a cheap coil meter to work with a multimeter and add a 3.3/5V main supply input, charging circuit/ convert to single/dual LiPo, the possibilities are endless…

From Coiling Station Wiring Diagram

Ohm meter/Coiling station
Ohm meter/Coiling station

See youtube DIY E-cig VV Box Mod with Volt & Ohm display measurement.

A collection of DIY circuits, Explore Be, Electronics and more!

What is the best meter to buy?

There are a number out there on the market:

Some old links from 2014:


Coil Master v1/2/3 DIY kits

There are a lot out there, of varying quality. This is the cheapest:

See Coil Master DIY V3 Kit & Spaced Coil Tutorial – Plus A GIVEAWAY!


Coil Master KBag


This is not a coil wrapping kit bag, but nice for the vaper, eJuices etc. Note that there are two sizes:

  • KBag dimensions: 13”x 8.3”x 1.9 ” (330 mm x 211 mm)
  • KBag Mini dimensions: 9.1”x 6.1”x 1.8 ” (230 mm x  160 mm)

On eBay, these are the cheapest KBag Mini:


There is also another type of soft bag




510 mouthpieces/ drip tips

These tanks have the ability to change the 510 mouthpieces:

  • Cleito Exo
  • Melo II Mini

Cheap aluminium 510 drip tips: 5pcs 510 Drip Tip 510 round-shaped Connector Mouthpiece 25mm Aluminum Drip Tips, £1.59

Driptip Heatsink adapter: NEW! Generic Driptip 510 Connection Cooler Evaporator Aluminum in Heat Sink, £0.99

LiPo Batteries

As usual, 18650 batteries are used

See What Batteries or Mods Can I Use With a Subtank, Cleito or Similar Sub Ohm Tank?

From Best 18650 Batteries for Vaping:

LiPo capacity and discharge
LiPo capacity and discharge

More information with respect to which batteries are best for subohm vaping: Cleito 120 – Which Batteries?

On eBay, the cheapest:

The trouble with eBay is that you can’t really be sure.

Recommendations for Re-wraps:

Ben Fogstar (on Amazon) is highly recommended, from Choosing a cheap battery, re-wraps -but doesn’t say what the batteries are actually re-wrapped from. So, if you actually want a particular brand/Model you won’t know.

Torchy  (on eBay) is highly recommended, from 18650 Batteries, re-wraps: 2x 20A Torchy (LG HG2) 2900mAh Flat Top 18650 3.7v Li-ion batteries +case, £13.50

Purple eFest for 0.5Ω – However, these are just rewraps of other manufacturers (Song, LG Samsung etc), and may be incorrectly rated. From Choosing a cheap battery – Post 27:

efest batteries are sold in most vape shops as such the assumption is that it’s a ‘safe battery’.
At the time we had a really low ohm build mech user by the name of @Raguri. Now rags was the resident battery guru so I asked him about this efest.
I was sent a link to a french blog where this particular cell had been tested.
We often advise against efest and that’s because we have long memories, efest rewrap cells with their own branded wraps and sell them as good cells. Unfortunately they have nearly always lied about the safe amp draw that the cell can take.
Now imagine my surprise when this cell was actually tested as a 4amp draw. Its not fake, it’s the right size and weight. It’s a potential handgrenade wrapped up in a purple skin and sold to vapers.

Other recommended suppliers:

GearBest: HG2 3000mAh 18650 Li-ion Battery – 4PCS COFFEE , £17.08 on offer £13.59 + £3.24 – However, can be a bit battered, Did GearBest just send me fake batteries? Updated: CS Refunded, but seem genuine, see GEARBEST 18650 BATTERIES

FastTech: Authentic LG 18650HG2 3.6V 3000mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries (4-Pack), $21.05 £16.16 (but can not ship to the UK currently)


How To Rewrap 18650 18500 18350 Batteries – from DJLsb Vapes

For a bit more about wrapping, as well as adding protection circuit: Adding A Protection Circuit To An 18650 Cell/Battery Making An 18650 Protected Cell/Battery Thorough, leave 2 mm of the wrap overlapping at the bottom.

Battery cases

You need to keep your 18650 cells correctly stored, and not keep them loose as short circuits will cause fires, explosions etc. On eBay:

Balanced Charging Mods

From Dual 18650 mods with Balanced charging + new rDA ideas

I haven’t come across any balance charging 2-cell mods yet apart from DNA200/133 powered. Having said that I’ve only tested 3.5 mods so far! The lack of balance charging doesn’t need to be a deal breaker though. With decent new cells and just using USB charging, I’d say it would take something like a month of charging before you’d notice a significant drop in run-time due to cell imbalance. At which point you’d just throw them in an external charger. I’d say USB during the week and an external charge on the weekend would be ideal. Hope this helps!

See also, by VapeyMcGyver:

This thread, Are there any 100W+ TC dual/triple 18650 that can safely USB charge?, suggests that the DNA200 is the only chip set that can do good charging – Choose the Triade, over the Resleaux

LiPo 18650 Chargers

  • XTAR – Recommended by Innokin
  • Nitecore
  • Avatar Quick Charger available separately:Avatar Quick Charger

510 connector

Hole size:

Thread size is 7mm x.5 tap. Drill size is either 9/32 or 17/64 for a tighter fit for alum.

In summary ,

  • The 510 connector uses a M10 x 0.5 mm thread, or M10 x 1.0 mm.
  • The actual 510 connector itself uses a m7 x 0.5 mm thread – if you want to screw the tank directly into the case, so dril 6.5 mm to tap



Varitube, from RX2/3 510 replacement. These are 22/28.5/30 mm, V1 or V2, smooth or crossed, silver or black:

Fat Daddy

FatDaddy 510 connectors
FatDaddy 510 connectors

Not on eBay:

Bottom Feeding

What is it?

V1 versus V2

What is the difference between V1 and V2. From V2 Varitube 22mm Spring Loaded 510 Connector – Slotted BLACK, £5.49 + £1.99

V2 Varitube 510 Connector with Air Channels

  • 22mm
  • Slotted top
  • Black plated
  • High temperature insulator
  • Brass centre pin
  • M10 x 0.75mm thread
  • Solder lug / ring supplied

Providing a great alternative to fat daddy 510 connectors Varitube have completely redesigned their original 510 and made some significant improvements.

The spring doesn’t make contact with the centre pin which means that there’s no risk of the spring collapsing from too much current.

The insulator is made from a heat resistance material allowing the v2 to be soldered both before or after installation. The insulator has a continuous service temperature of 450f/232c which is well above any temperature reached with vaping even for the most extreme builds.

The brass T nut at the bottom  . It should be set so that the pin is in line with the bottom of the nut before soldering.

Properly adjust the T-Nut by loosening or tightening it so that the small brass pin is flush with the bottom of the slot in the brass T-Nut… This allows the top insulator to properly adjust and seat with the Atomizer providing a smooth operation. Installing the v2 varitube 510 connector with an over tightened T-Nut may result in ‘ratchety’ movement when an atomizer is attached… Adjust the T-Nut prior to soldering!

From Varitube’s website, VT 510-V2 Connector – Self-adjusting Center Pin

FatDaddy vs Varitube

See MOD TIPS #03: Fat Daddy vs Varitube 510 Connectors, Fat Daddy has a thicker top plate and an additional O-ring:

FatDaddy vs Varitube

Making a 18650 balanced charger

Using a SkyRC B6 mini you can charge your 18650 batteries.


On eBay:

Balance lead

From Balance lead cables for DIY battery pack:

  • Balance lead has one cable per cell plus one for ground
  • Ground lead should be on the right, with the balance plug flat side down
  • Use hot glue in cables to balance plug to help pulling plug out of socket

Balance lead connection

See also DIY battery pack 5 cell (5S, 18.5V) and How to test 18650 battery cells to use for battery packs from itvraag. Check the batteries’ voltages: Any that are below 2.5V, battery is dead. Charge to 3.7V @ 0.3A, then discharge, and write capacity on cell and then group like cells.

On eBay:


The batteries became my main concern, not the tank, for a kit:

  • Their rechargability in situ (discounts a lot: IPV5, Joytech, etc.);
  • The batteries need to be removable (which discounts the CF Maxx),
  • The ability to use as a power bank (i.e. Eleaf Pico Dual, Wismec Predator and RX300),
  • Balance charging
  • Not overcharging
  • Low charge current (less than 1C)

Other concerns:

  • The stability of the 510 connector (IPV5 is a good one (Wismec are rather poor regarding this, and possibly the JoyeTech);
  • The fire button gunking up (again Wismec suffer here);
  • The firmware upgrades (Wismec score highly)
  • The display (Wismec score highly)

The sliding cap of the Elabo tank is great, but it only seems to be available with the Wismec Predator, which has the loose 510 ground ring.

I like the Eleaf Pico Dual because:

  • The RC adapter adds value of £5, means you don’t need to carry a power bank for the phone
  • Removebale batteries
  • Chargable
  • Most tanks fit, except the Aspire Atlantis Mega, which is a shame, but the CLeito 120 with a fatboy fits
  • The kit comes with a adequate tank, for getting started
  • So for £29 (£25 if you consider the RC adapter, then it is superior to the similarly priced Aspire Elite kit (a beautiful kit, with the Mega, but the lack of removable batteries and the lack of the USB charge port swayed me) and the Innokin Coolfire iV (because of the removeable batteries, even though you can charge both via micro USB, and the polycarbonate tank)
  • Good construction, compared to Wismec
  • The main downside is that the balance capability is not known

I must stress that you should steer clear of any Wismec, as the 510 connector is just too flaky.

I like the Smok Alien 220W, although it is £20 more than the Pico Dual, but you get the Baby Beast, which has the RBA possiblilty for £10 more, which you don’t have with the Melo 3, that comes with the Pico Dual, so, in my mind, it is worth the extra money:

  • Great balancing – just leave plugged in all night, or for days, due to the float charge
  • Nice display
  • Fire bar
  • Well built
  • Great features

The Eleaf iStick TC 200W is a good value mod:

  • Three 18650 batteries
  • Can’t charge via the micro USB port – it will charge but there is no balancing
  • Not sure if can use the Avatar RC adapter, the product page does not advertise the fact
  • Good 510 connector
  • Nice size and shape

The Cuboid 150 (200) is a nice device, good value:

  • Great charging.
  • Solid and elegant

Ultimately, I went for the Smoke Alien.

How much e-juice?

Finally, you are probably asking yourself “How much ejuice do you need?” Well, this guide, from Are you using the right strength of nicotine?, is a good rule of thumb:

Below is a general guide that can help when working out the correct nicotine strength:

Nicotine Strength Cigarettes Per Day
6mg/0.6% (low) Up to 10 cigarettes a day
12mg/1.2% (medium) Up to 20 cigarettes a day
18mg/1.8% (high) Up to 30 cigarettes a day
24mg/2.4% (very high) Up to 60 cigarettes a day

See also, How many drags of 12mg nicotine vape equals one cigarette?

Repairing an Aspire CF battery

From Aspire CF VV battery dismantle

Disclaimer: Under no circumstances should anyone not familiar with electronics and with the safety practices surrounding them take apart a lithium battery housing of any kind. I do not suggest working on batteries and if you do so it is entirely at your own risk. A catastrophic failure when working with lithium batteries can happen after you think it works, this may result in disfigurement or death. If you have no experience with volatile power cells or small electronics just throw it away!

Alright with that out of the way, I have taken apart several devices. I turn off the battery, five quick clicks, I take an old tank bottom without a tank on it and screw it onto the battery to protect the threads. Vise the the head of the battery on the thread protector and work it back and forth just until it starts to come up, following that, I pull out the head very carefully, wires will be attached, I don’t want to break them off. Then I slide out the carrier and board from the head. I normally have to push the button to get the board out, it is critical that the device is off if it is not and the board is malfunctioning then the short causing the device to fail could transfer to the battery causing it to detonate, literally. This will get into the case. I have to be careful not to pull any wires off the board while doing this because they are tiny and connected to points throughout the device on small solder points that are easy to break.

After I find the problem, usually a mashed wire or a wire that has broken loose from the board or battery (other issues require advanced time with a multimeter to diagnose) I decide on what to do. If it is a battery lead that has come off of the power cell itself I discard it Everything else is just a matter of finding the issue and fixing it. I never use electrical tape or any insulation medium that can slip or is designed to be impermanent, I always solder never splice. I always use shrink conduit, hot glue or dipped plastic/rubber depending.

On devices with a bottom function, that is a charger board or adjustable voltage on the bottom of the device I use special care not to sever wires and to look for connections I am unaware of. I have had one battery with a flaw that shorted it out and it got very hot really fast, I was ready and dropped it into an empty ammunition storage box designed to take extreme heat and gas production on a concrete floor and moved away from it. It did not explode, that part is pure luck.

If electronics are a hobby for you and you have some skills and some space you may be able to fix your device but I make no promises and feel it is a far better idea for the vast majority of people to simply dispose of these devices when the device quits working, as they use an inherently unsafe power cell and are remarkably prone to critically failing at even the most minor persistent direct short.

Making your own DIY vape juice

See also Squeezing your own juice

Putting it simply, there are three basic constituents: Glycerol (PG:VG), nicotine, flavouring.

Dial back nicotine for DTL, Reducing Your Nicotine For Sub Ohm Vaping

There are two main constituents to eJuice, see PG vs VG:

  • PG – Propylene Glycol
  • VG – Vegetable Glycerin

as well as:

  • Flavourings
  • Nicotine
  • Thinning – distilled water



  • Less vapor – PG – Stealth vaping
  • More vapor – VG – Cloud chasing


  • Throat hit – PG
  • Smoothness – VG

Other points:

  • PG wicks better
  • PG carries flavours better
  • PG can causes irritation
  • Steeping – Juice with a high VG% needs steeping longer than higher PG%



For 20l:

For 5l:

For 1l:


From Bakewell Tart E liquid Flavour Concentrate DIY Vape Juice Flavouring

Mixing a juice is about personal taste and customising the flavour to what you like.
Put simply use between 5% to 20% of flavourings.
When I make my own, I smell the flavourings to get an idea of how strong the flavouring is. If it smells strong I use 5%, weak 15% and I test and add more if needed.


From Where to buy pure nicotine liquid?

Do not under any circumstances attempt to buy pure nicotine. It is a lethal poison at that strength.

It is not a substance that can be handled safely without the proper training and equipment.

Please be like the rest of us happy, safe DIY’ers and buy maximum of 100mg (10%) nic. As mentioned already 60mg is more than enough for DIY mixing. Even 100mg is illegal in the UK.

  • From Nicotine, for 100/72/50/36 mg, in a 50/50 PG/VG mix (other ratios are available):
    • 1 litre  : £66.55/62.92/59.95/54.45
    • 500 ml : £48.40/45.98/43.56/41.14
    • 200 ml: £26.62/24.20/21.78/19.36
    • 100 ml: £14.52/12.10/10.89/9.68
    • plus £9.68 shipping
  • Considerably cheaper is made in EU, from  for 72mg, either in PG or VG, no mixes
    • 100 ml: £9
    • 500 ml: 33.50
    • 1 litre: £55
    • 5 litres: n/a
    • plus £2.60 shipping


Watts UP!? Sept 13th – The Diacetyl Rant

Linked article, How Butter-Flavored E-Cigs Are Fueling a Crucial Vaping Controversy


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