Feeling the need to clamp


After watching Balance Charging: Can you parallel charge?, I realised that I needed a clamp meter. But which one?

I had already purchased a UNI-T UT71D DMM, see Choosing which Multimeter to buy, and I was very happy with it, so the UNI-T clamp meter seemed a logical choice.  Everyone seems to have the UNI-T 210E. However, there are a myriad of other options.

The choices


  • Which UNI-T clamp meter to buy?
    • UT216D, same as UT216C, but with OLED. 60A/600A. Only UT216C has DC, down to 10 mA
    • UT211B – no inrush
    • UT207/208 have inrush and 208 has temp
  • Which uni-t clamp meter is everyone using?
    • UNI-T UT210D – no low current, up to 200A
    • UNI-T UT204
    • UT210E has low current 2A (1mA), only up to 100A, 2000 display counts
    • UT211B – more stable than UT210E, 6000 display counts, worth the exta cost



On eBay:

NKTECH NK210E Digital Clamp Meter Multimeter AC DC Volt AC A Res VS UNI-T UT210E, $13.68

Hacking the UT210E

UT210E – See A look at the Uni-T UT210E for a close up review and how to hack/mod it, so that it becomes a UT211B. See page 8:

UT210E I2C pinout
UT210E I2C pinout



Unfortunately, not many UNI-TREND clamp meters do DC current. The main contenders are:

  • UT216C is the best (features wise), and most expensive, but does not have very low currents (10mA) up to 600A
  • UT210E is very popular, low currents (1 mA) up to 2/20/100A. 2000 display counts
  • UT211B better stability than 210E (1mA) up to 6/60A. 6000 display counts, but twice the price of the UT210E.

So, following the crowd, the smart money is on the UT210E, and hacking it…


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