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Managed vs Self-Hosted

Whilst is free, it offers somewhat restricted advertising possibilities, as you are only allowed to use WordAds, and therefore the revenue stream of a site is somewhat constrained. Using a self-hosted solution allows you to take advantage of a number of advertising services:

However, the costs quickly mount up. Taking BlueHost’s Basic subscription monthly charges as an example:

  • $2.95 – Hosting (normally $7.99, will rise to $7.99 after the initial term of 1/12/24/36/60 months expires)
  • £0.99 – Domain Privacy Protection
  • $2.99 – Site backup pro
  • $2.99 – Search engine jumpstart
  • $1.99 – SiteLock security – Find
  • Primary Domain Registration is free

Now this adds up to $392.16 for a 60 month initial term.

Given that, on, using WordAds, you can make

On, using Google AdSense, you can make:



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