Stripboard in EagleCAD


So you have your schematic, and don’t want to make a PCB. Can you get EagleCAD to autoroute the circuit on a veroboard/stripboard?

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The free version of EagleCAD will limit you to a board size of 32 tracks x 40 holes (87.6 x 102.7 mm or 3.3″ x 4.05″), w.r.t. component placement within the boards confines – any tracks/wires themselves can be placed outside of the board.

You are better off using KiCad for large board designs, unless you have a lot of money and can afford the full license.

EagleCAD to KiCad

Stripboard in EagleCAD

This interesting thread, Autorouting stripboards with EAGLE – Page 1 – EEVblog, has a link to a ULP hack sb.ulp, in a zip file,, for EagleCAD.

StackExchange, as per usual, has a number of questions related to this topic:

A useful guide by Big Dan the Blogging Man, How to use VeeCAD Stripboard Editor with CadSoft Eagle, although it involves using an additional application, VeeCAD. However, this is a work around for the board size restriction in the free version of EagleCAD. Jump straight to the invaluable VeeCAD Notes.

Making Vero board with Eagle ? has a downloadable .brd file, but you have to register/log in to be able to access it.

Stripboard layout program – How to generate Veroboard layout from circuit diagram? suggests yet again, setting 0.1″ grid,

Yes, just use EAGLE or DESIGNSPARK or any other drawing tool. Then set the trace width to 0.1 inch. All holes for all components will align with your board. Make it two-layer in the schematic so you can connect traces from below or use jumpers for above. If you are uncomfortable with 2-layer, set to 1-layer and simply use 0 ohm resistors for jumpers.

The best guide/article is pointed to by Stripboard

A few people “mis-use” general-purpose custom PCB design software (see software tool for a long list of them) to draw stripboard circuits on a computer, using techniques described in “Building Circuits for Stripboard using EAGLE” by Mike Perks.

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