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The latest versions of Opera supported by each of the retired versions of OS X.

The archived versions of Opera can be found here,… however, which one is right for you? Read on…

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To disable automatic updates see Opera and Mountain Lion.

Last Opera versions compatible with OS X versions

Mountain Lion =>

Lion => 28

(Opera 37 requires 10.9 – contrary to the title here: Continued Support For OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion


Only for the brave or foolhardy…

A registry tweak is provided to allow versions >37 to be installed in Continued Support For OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion:

@zalex108 said in What are the most current version for Lion?:

Welcome to Opera’s forums @Scrutinizer1!

If I’m not wrong, Opera 26 is the latest one for your MacOS version, also for WindowsXP and Vista.

At the other hand… :ninja:
I read somewhere that is possible to disguise system versions to skip limitations, (actual Opera
version is 45) I Google it and found a website where they are explaining how to do that trick. (If you are interested)

You must read the comments before.
Edit OSX Version | Install soft | Restore OSX Version
Change Mac OSX System Version

Similarly a hack for Firefox, Best Browser for OS X Mountain Lion in 2016?

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