Software for DMM


Looking for software for a Uni-T DMM (specifically a UT71D) that supports a Mac (OSX), and while Windows is supported, OSX isn’t, although it might work in Wine, Parallels, VMware Fusion, etc…

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Threads for UltraDMM




Now UltraDMM doesn’t support the UT71D (although it does support the UT61E), because the UT71D has a Cyrustek ES51966 (see Re: UltraDMM Software Project), even though support for the E51966, E51997F chipsets was added (see Re: UltraDMM Software Project), because the serial output is handled externally to the ES51966 (is that actually correct??).


Now, from Re: UltraDMM Software Project it is stated that VoltCraft DM920/940/960 are rebadged UT71x DMMs. QtDMM supports VC-940. Now the chances are that the VC-940 isn’t a rebadged UT71D… let’s see… according to Voltcraft VC-940, it is a rebadged UT-71E. The UT71D is actually a VC-960 according to UNI-T UT71x series (this page includes the protocol). However, the VC-940 has the ES51966F, which is the same, or almost the same as the UT71D, and they seem to share the same protocol, according to Voltcraft VC-940.

I found that QtDMM (0.8.12) crashed on OS X 10.8.5. Then it would not allow me to install version 0.8.11 as a newer version existed.  Obviously, there was no uninstall option for the 0.8.12 installer. I gave up for the night at that point.

Accessories for the UT71

  • UT-D07A (BlueTooth adapter)
  • UT-D04 (USB cable)
  • UT-D02 (Serial cable) – only for UT61(E)


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