Everyone is talking about Chiptunes these days, the retro sound obtained from the games devices, and home computers of the 80s:

Featured image courtesy of Button Masher T.O.

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See ArduinoBoys and others.


See ArduinoBoys and others.

The hot devices

From The ultimate chiptune producers’ gear guide

  • Commodore64
  • MSSIAH – for C64
  • GameBoy
  • LSDj and Nanoloop
  • Magical 8bit plug – VST
  • VOPM
  • NES
  • MIDInes – for NES
  • Famitracker
  • Chipsounds by Plouge – VST
  • KORG DS-10
  • Anything with an AY-3-8910 in it – Spectrum128, Intellivision



2 thoughts on “Chiptunes”

  1. Noticed you linked our ShieldBoy, which works great!

    I experimented on a few things though, such as if I could make a rackmount version (easier to use multiple ArduinoBoys in a 1U) but ended up settled on what I call the StageBoy ( This is what we use for both recording and live performances of the GameBoy with the band.

    It combines an ArduinoBoy with the PISS Box design (though with a MUCH bigger and better transformer) into a single metal box. I had meant to make 3D printed panels for it but the open sides haven’t been enough of a bother to mess with it (if I do, I’ll be sure to add them to the project).


    1. HI there, thanks for the comment. Yes, I like your design. Do you actually sell the board (either as a kit or assembled)? You should really add a few photos of the board (at different angles) to the page, as the only image of it is a brief blurred shot of it in the video. By the way, there is an unfortunate typo in your menu item, and URL, of the AdvanceRack (Ardunio) page, the “i” is in the wrong place.


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