I need a power supply for a 3D printer, my Kossel XL. I figured that a cheap LED supply would suffice, so long as I over rate it, and have a wide margin for safety, i.e. 30+ A.

So, how much is a SMPS in Bangkok? Cheaper than eBay or Amazon? Let’s find out…



Power supply. A 12V supply that can deliver at least 5A (without heated bed) or 15A (with heated bed). Be careful with cheap Chinese ones. They are cheap for a reason (safety!). We like to use computer power supplies, especially with modular cables to keep it tidy.

One problem with the LED supplies is that the mains connections are not covered.


I couldn’t find any dual 12/24 V supplies

Ban Mo

12 V 35 A B$850


12 V 2 A B$100

12 V 30 A B$450

24 V 30 A B$1000



20A B$587

30 A B$707 B$764


Using ATX

If you are not wishing to hack the ATX PSU internally, then following Using an ATX PSU for your RepRap project without modifying it (and without voiding its warranty), these are required:

Additional Molex


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