The best Arduinos that I have ever bought…

…were from this vendor: ukings

As I work predominately with OSX, I needed an Arduino that actually had a 16U2 IC for the USB port. I have bought a lot of Arduinos, or rather cheap Chinese clones, over the years that came with the dreaded CH340g. Even though the description and/or the accompanying photos describe/show a 16U2 they are invariably lies. However, the clue to this purchase was that the Arduino Mega link offers a choice between CH340G and 16U2. So, as that seemed rather honest I took a gamble and bought the 16U2 Mega.

Then looking at the vendors other items, I saw a 16U2 Uno, and purchased that too.

When they arrived I had two bone-fide Arduino clones, or what I assume to be clones for that price, which work perfectly with OSX.

However, even though the postage to Thailand was £0.00, unfortunately the postage to the UK is £0.50 and £1.00 for the the Uno and Mega respectively.

The Uno came with a USB cable, whereas the Mega did not.

Alternatives on AliExpress

Possible contenders:

See also



See RepRapWiki: Taurino. Also known as Eruduino. From Taurino Power 24V Mega 2560 R3, $15 (original image)


24V Mega 2560 R3

It’s time to upgrade your 3d printer to 24V power supply using Ramps 1.4 or Ultimaker Shield breakout board for more power.
Taurino Power is improved version of the Arduino Mega 2560 R3 controller, made for the 3D printer community.
Taurino Project is open source and the files are available on github and under

Compared with Arduino MEGA2560, the advantages are as below
1, USB to serial chip using FT232 alternative ATMEGA16U2, better compatibility, to solve a lot of host can not identify the 2560 drive problem.
2, 7-25VDC power supply disregard the 1117 LDO chip which is greatly improved the stability and reduce the burnt risk using a 12V input voltage 1117 chip.

1pc 3D Printer Part 24V Taurino Power Improved ERUDUINO 2560 Board For DIY Ramps1.4 Controller Board, £14.43 (original image)


More pricey on Amazon, 3D Printer Part Taurino Power Improved ERUDUINO 2560 Board 24V, £19

32-bit Re-Arm, 3D Printer Parts Clone RE-ARM Contol 32 Bit 3D Printer Board Upgrade Mega 2560 To TMC228 TMC2130 DRV8825 A4988 Ramps 1.6/1.4/1.5, £16.23+£0


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