Making your own GameBoy Flash cartridges


I have already touched upon this in GameBoy Flashers, however I want to make cheap GameBoy flash cartridges using commercially available items…

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In GameBoy Flashers I mentioned this:

You could make your own programmable cartridges using recycled commercial cartridges: GameBoy Cartridge Reader and Writer by Reiner Ziegler

However, I want to make the cartridges which CatSkull sell for $10, 32k Gameboy Flash Cart, or at least see if I can source them cheaper than the already low price of $10.

The components can be seen here:


Basically a GameBoy cartridge shell and a Flash ROM card.

The shells can be found on AliExpress easily and cheaply enough:

However, the card itself is rather difficult to find:

Gameboy 32k ROM card
Gameboy 32k ROM card

The markings on it are (I think):


The IC is also rather unidentifiable from the photos.

See video: 32k Gameboy Flash Cart for a demonstration.

Interestingly, the Inside Gadgets page for the GBxCart RW (Gameboy/GBC/GBA Cart Reader/Writer) lists the Catskull 32k cartridge as

 • Catskull / DIY 32K (AM29F010B, SST39SF010A, AT49F040) [Audio or WR as WE pin] – 32KByte


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