Minimal AVR kit


Many moons ago, before I knew anything about Arduino, I bought a “minimum ATmega kit” from eBay, pretty much like this, DIY ATMEGA8 Minimum System Board ATmega48 ATMEGA88 Minimum System Board AVR Kit. It arrived, I built it, I put in in a box and forgot all about it until today, when I came across it.

But once you’ve made it how can you use it and what are the buttons for?

The description

The description states


Voltage: USB female or pin header power supply, the supply voltage and the same chip voltage
Crystal: 8M
PCB board size: 7.4cm * 3.4cm
1. Classic ATmega8 / ATMEGA48 the smallest system
2. 23 IO leads to facilitate expansion
3. Standard ISP download interface (board does not need a separate power supply, support ISP download interface power supply), to facilitate program download and debugging;
4. Support chips: ATMEGA8, ATMEGA48 and pin-compatible chip
5. With a self-locking switch, you can flexibly control the system USB input
6. Flexible and diverse power supply: available ISP download port power supply, the standard USB interface can be used for power supply, can also be used for power pin row.
7. External expansion 3 channel VCC, GND
8. Reset: Power-on reset and button reset
9. Expansion 1 channel led lights, easy to debug use
Package includes:
1 x PCB board
1 x 28P locking seat
1 x USB
1 x DC3-10 horns seat
1 x 8 * 8 self-locking switch
1 x 40P pin header
1 x 8M crystal
2 x 22P ceramic capacitors
2 x 104 ceramic capacitors
2 x 3MM red LED
1 x 6 * 6 button
2 x 4.7K resistor
1 x 10K resistor


    • The USB can not be used for programming, only power.
    • Switch ​S1​, states 8*8– it appears to switch the USB power.
    • The small push button REST is the reset button.
    • LED1 is connected to pin 2, PD1.
    • The POW LED is the power indicator
    • 8 MHz crystal




Other Minimal variations


On AliExpress


  1.  IO mouth all leads, classic 51 minimum system, saves on the welding
  2. Integrated 10 p ISP download interface, convenient download AT89S52 single chip microcomputer.
  3. The welding is round hole socket, convenient change crystals (default with 11.0592 M)
  4. Support chips: STC89C52 STC12C5A60S2 STC11/10 x series of AT89S52 and compatible with the chip pins of the chip
  5. A power switch, convenient experiment.
  6. Two ways: power input DC – 005 power source (supporting seat is 5.5 * 2.1) and single needle (next to the power switch)
  7. Outside enlarge VCC 3 road, GND, as shown in figure out the needle.
  8. P0 mouth wear resistance.
  9. Reset method: external and reset button reset on electricity.
  10. Adopt green IC lock, convenient replacement chips.
  11. Our independent development, production, supply long-term stability.
  12. The board size: 4.1 cm * 8.9 cm



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