Smok Alien 220W – Not charging


Oh no! Yet another Smok Alien 220W problem..?!

On top of the other three issues that have had with Smok Alien 220W in the past (“No coil”, “Ohm too low” and simply refusing to boot), I have just started to notice another problem with one of my Smok Aliens. It will not charge the 18650 LiPos correctly. When the USB cable is plugged in, the bars on the main screen start to move, in the charging animation, but after a while, 5-10 seconds, the usual charging screen flashes up, but then quickly (<0.5 seconds) flashes back to the main screen again, still with the batteries charging animation. Again, wait 5-10 seconds and then the charging screen flashes, and so on.

If left charging, then the batteries actually discharge completely..!

It used to work fine, but then this issue appeared maybe a week or so ago…

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