Replace your RAMPS fuses


Following on from Double the volts… double the fun! here is a nice little tip that I came across to avoid your 3D printer going up in flames…

Replace both polyfuses (PTC) (F1 and F2) in a RAMPS 1.4 board with car blade fuses 5A and 10 or 15 A respectively. The polyfuses, F1 (MF-R1100) is rated to 11 A 16 V, F2 (MF-R500) is rated to 5A 30 V

It should be noted that in subsequent versions of the RAMPS boards (1.5 and thereafter), the fuses are SMD (and may also require replacing).

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From this reply to 24V with Ramps 1.4 questions (which was based on LazyMonk’s suggestion, 1 and 2)

Put an inline metal blade fuse directly inbetween the PSU and Ramps (+) input

Note, that while they state that they are using blade fuses, they are not. This is a car blade fuse

12 volt car blade fuse and fuse holder
12 volt car blade fuse and fuse holder

From Auto Car 12V In-line Mini Blade Fuse Holder With 5 10 15 20 25 30A Fuses, £0.99

RAMPS 1.4.2

The use of car blade fuses is employed in the RAMPS 1.4.2 board

RAMPS 1.4.2

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