A follow on, bulk move, from Pocket ‘scope to deal with bench DSO is its own separate blog, rather than a small section in a blog about pocket oscilloscopes.

I had always been after a DS1052e/DS1054z, due to Dave’s EEVBlog videos, but after reading Owon SDS7102 vs Rigol DS1102E vs Rigol DS1052E Review, I realised that the Owon has more features (VGA, LAN and battery operation) as well as a better screen.

See also



  • EEVblog #480 – 300MHz Owon SDS Oscilloscope
    • Dave doesn’t actually review the SDS7102, but the DS9302 instead – embarrassingly bad
    • See also EEVblog #480 – 300MHz Owon SDS Oscilloscope
    • Good points
      • True alternate trigger
      • 10 M memory depth
      • Large screen
      • 3.2 Gb/s for 1k and 10k memory, 1 Gb/s for 100k, 1M and 10M
      • Cheap for large BW
      • VGA
      • LAN
      • Battery option but not isolated probes/inputs
    • Too many fails to mention, but some are:
      • No intensity gradient display
      • No anti-alias
      • Push knobs give no second function
      • Slow screen update
      • Trigger bug
      • Persistance bugs
      • Channel two switch on causes glitches
  • Rigol 1052e
    • Intensity gradient display?
    • 1 M memory depth
    • Fast screen update
  • Rigol 1054z
  • Rigol DS2202
    • > $1000
    • 50000/s screen updates

Other videos:

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