Gameboy – by parts


As original working gameboys are so expensive, how much would it cost to make one from parts?

Well, it’s not that easy. Unfortunately there is no source for new LCD screens (source). They have to be taken from donor DMG-01 units.

See also



Fixing burnt screens

Cables and connector

It is cheaper to get a DMG-14 together with the original cable, whilst still attached, rather than with a broken cable loop


RARE Nintendo Game Boy Color to Original Universal Game LINK Adaptor DMG-14, £12.99

Using a different screen

Could it be possible to create a new screen, using either an off the shelf LCD or building a new LED based screen, with intermediary driver hardware (i.e. Arduino based) – see Large gameboy screen

Large GameBoy screen for kiosk
Large GameBoy screen for kiosk

From Using the original gameboy screen


Using FPGA to provide VGA output

There are a lot of examples of VGA output hacks:

Repurposing the screen (without the gameboy hardware)


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