Pulling apart an Apple iPhone charger


I have a couple of faulty Apple iPhone chargers, one of which is an original, the other is a clone… Let’s open them up and see what’s inside and compare them…

Easier said than done.

See also

As I’d opened an Apple MagSafe (2) power supply, then I thought it would be the same procedure, just on a smaller scale. However, I was mistaken.



end of gallery

Fake or Clone

Fakes will not have a serial number on the inside



The originals have a serial number.


The originals may also have a metal alignment mains pin for the ground (UK and US). The original above does not – the alignment pin is plastic. However, many (I have about six examples) of the fakes (at least, they don’t have a serial number) do have a metal pin:


(Maybe) the best method to open

From this message on the thread, USB Adapter isn’t working; how to open it?

I use a small flat screw driver to press against the gap close to either side of the power plug pole and press it hard and I can open it without much damage. Can put them back together and works like a charm.

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