13 Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap!

Colony Ship for sale, Cheap!


Missing information from the excellent MSG for level 13which switch in which room for which platform…

… because when you’ve nearly got them all lined up correctly, and you need to adjust just one or two, you don’t want to end up hitting the wrong switch and moving a well placed platform out-of-line, thereby undoing all of your hard work…

>      =====   exit   ======
>                   = 7 =
>                       = 6 =
>                           = 5 =
>                               = 4 =
>                           = 3 =
>                       = 2 =
>                   = 1 =
> == enter ===== switch ===========
  • Room 1
    • Left 5
    • Right 3
  • Room 2
    • Left 1
    • Right 2
  • Room 3
    • Left 6
    • Right 7

Note: I found that David E. Coufal advice is not workable:

If you bring risers 7, 6 and 5 to their maximum position,
you can then stand on top of four, hit the switch with a
grenade, and then just run across to the exit. Lots easier
then trying to set up the pillars as "risers" by trial and error.

If 5, 6, and 7 are at their maximum reach, then you can’t get to them from 4, even when it is fully extended. You still need to set them as “risers”. That’s what I found anyway. Further more, to get on top of number 4, you will need to grenade hop, which will cause a loss of shields, so not ideal anyway.

In addition, I also found that sometimes, one platform may be set (a little) too high and that you fail on the jump. However, there seems to be a tolerance, and you may be able to make the jump on your second or third attempt, without having to go back to reset the platform height. Running (or getting up speed) certainly helps to make the jump – from a standing start some of the heights may not be manageable, so try to do 1-4 and 4-7 in one motion, without stopping part way.

So maybe David’s advice does work and I didn’t try hard enough, but I don’t think so.

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