Dell WK636p keyboard dongle


I found a Dell WK636p keyboard. No mouse was with it, and sod’s law meant that the USB dongle was also missing…



Getting the dongle

It is possible to buy the dongle (from Belarus), Universal Pairing USB Receiver for Dell WM527 WM514 KM714 KM717 WM326 WK636P Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, but it is $42 (somewhat over-priced):


The Dell WM126 wireless mouse comes with the Dell Universal Pairing receiver, 590 baht in Fortune Town or 450 baht in the Dell shop in Fortune Town:

Logitech Unifying receiver

As a comparison, a Logitech Unifying dongle is around $10. Or as low as $8.60, $8.75, $9.90, $10.42.

Physical forms

Be aware that there are two physical versions of the Unifying receiver [source: Wikipedia]:

  • the older has Logitech written on the end, and;
  • the newer has “logi” embossed on the end,

Older, and limited to 45 matches, Unifying receiver:

The newer format

From, 3mm and 6 mm

Fake clones

From some fake looking receivers, the left hand receiver has the wrong colour logo and the logitech is incorrect – it is printed, when “logi” should be embossed.

From twitter, some more examples of the fakes

Marcus Mengs

Logitech Unifying receiver fake. Bought 3 cheap Unifying CU0008 receivers (TI chip). Turner out, they all are CU0007 (Nordic) with wrong label and ALL HAVE THE SAME S/N All are running old, unsigned bootloader (BOT03.01) – so they can be flashed with every fw you like

Firmware revisions

There are a number of version firmware versions, i.e. the faster “gaming” C-U0008 and the more common C-U0007

Another variant  C-U0012, with a different physical form (maybe a clone?)

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