This is a small four port USB charger, with one of the ports being QC3.0. Seen in a shop in Sampeng market, for 180 baht. Due to its size there are reliability and safety issues to consider.

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Packaging rated (real test):

  • 5V@6.2A (2.25A)
  • QC3.0
  • 5V @2.4A (3.2A)
  • 9 @ 1.8A (2.2A)
  • 12V@1.5A (1.6A)

So, the QC3.0 ratings are in the range one would expect.

However, the packaging looks very different from the unit in the review. The labels on the front had 2.4A next to each USB output.

The packaging also offered a different spec from that given on the back of the box, 2.4A+1.5A+1.2A was stated on the side of the box, so that is rather inconsistent.


[photo of back of box]

[photo of front of box]

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