Microtik RouterBoard 450G


I was given one


It seemed to have an issue. I was able to reset it, using the 30-30-30 rule, from RouterBOARD-450-RB450, and connect to but after I had set it to a bridge the connection was lost. Thereafter powering on seems to lose the ability to connect.

However, these issues seem to be down to poor cabling, and also the ROuterBoard seems to have a long start up time – after power up you need to wait a while for the router to get going.

Then again, it does seem to turn itself off after a while. Power cycling, doesn’t seem to bring it back up – that is to say – with no Ethernet cables plugged in – that the router powers on, all lights, and one beep then twenty seconds later, all lights and two beeps. But plugging in the two Ethernet (to one and two) thereafter doesn’t help – there is a brief connection then the lights extinguish.

Power cycling – with all cables out – and waiting the full (20 second) cycle and then plugging in one cable to the non POE, doesn’t work.

Power cycling with one cable in port 2, and waiting the full (20 seconds) cycle, and then after the two beeps wait 10 seconds and then the web interface returns. But then the connection is lost again within another 30 seconds – it has shut down the interfaces.

This doesn’t always work (when the web interface was on Terminal it did not). The whole router seems rather intermittent.

I did manage to keep it alive for a while by constantly playing with the WI, but pausing in issuing commands made the router sleep again.

It didn’t seem to remember being set as a bridge, even after hitting apply.

Also the MAC address is 00:00:00:00:00:00.

There were a number of errors in the console terminal saying that the router hadn’t been shutdown correctly.

The final time, the link light remained on for a long time, but the browser wouldn’t reload the WI.

I gave up.

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