People who post twice on SO


Weird people of SO…

The Question: RCSwitch library seemingly not working for 433hz receiver on ESP32 NODEMCU

From first answer

the sender must have 5v supplie to go far, and it has not output pin witch can damage esp32, and the receiver, instead, must be connected to 3.3v because it has an output witch goes to esp32 (3.3v supplie) and the output of the receiver must not be more than 3.3v, not to damage the gpio input of esp32
(sorry for my french english)

From second answer

esp32 : the data sender(input) goes to: gpio 5: pinMode(5, OUTPUT) and the data receiver (output), goes to gpio 4: pinMode(4, INPUT) sender supplie: 5v receiver supplie: 3.3v (not to damage esp32 gpio 4)

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