Cloned SNES cartridges


I bought some dodgy ropey cartridges in Talat Din Daeng for 10 baht each…

All four modules:




Relabelling and Restoring Cartridge Games, Activision and Atari 2600


From this post on the thread, How exactly did the SNES/Super Famicom CIC Lockout work?

Here are some examples of bootleg carts from back in the day, with cloned CICs

The one on the left is a surprisingly good quality bootleg copy of Mario Kart – the board seems to be electrically a 1:1 clone of the SHVC-1K1B board that the real Mario Kart used – the CIC is the chip marked “TEN-E” at the bottom and the chip marked 5458A is a cloned DSP-1.

The board at the top right is a bootleg of Super Street Fighter II – the CIC here is the chip marked “CIVIC 74LS11” – which seems a strange choice since a real 74LS11 (which is a triple 3-input AND gate) is in a 14 pin package and not 16 – it’s also using a 16 bit ROM which is why it needs the pair of ‘LS257 multiplexers to select which byte to send to the console. Although the board has space for decoupling caps, they haven’t been installed.

Both of these are running exact 1:1 copies of the original game ROM.

The final board on the lower right is a good example of a hacked up bootleg – the game is Hudson’s J-League Super Soccer ’95, but the code has been modified to operate without backup memory – the CIC here is marked “D1 9515” this board also has no decoupling caps and the ROM is a COB type covered with resin (AKA “glob-top”).

The clone CICs are exact copies of the originals on a functional level – I’ve removed them from bootleg boards and installed them into original Nintendo boards and they work exactly like the real ones.

From the excellent and informative The SNES Cartridge, Briefly Explained, this is the map of the connectors (original image):

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