Replacing the SuperDrive


I wanted to replace the SuperDrive of my 15″ 2.4 GHz (SR) MBP, with a 2.5″ hard drive caddy… should be pretty easy, no?


Be sure to purchase a 9.5 mm and not 12.7 mm

This, 2nd PATA/IDE HDD SSD Caddy for Mid Late 2007 MA895LL MA896LL MB062LL Macbook Pro, 413.19 (£7.94), was my initial purchase, 29/12/2019. As can be seen it was rather over priced, and I fell for the MacBook Pro name in the item’s title. It was also faulty.

I bought a Seagate Back Plus Slim 2 TB to put in the caddy.

Replacing the SuperDrive

Extremely easy, following this guide:
MacBook Pro 15″ Core 2 Duo Models A1226 and A1260 Optical Drive Replacement

Checking caddy was faulty

  1. Checked the Seagate drive
  2. Checked caddy with a different hard drive (1 TB SSD)
  3. Checked caddy with a different cable

I didn’t check it with a different MBP… the board could be defective. Although, it would be possible to check be putting the SuperDrive back in.

However, the caddy was dead, so I purchased a new one.

Caddies on AliExpress


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