Wolfenstein on a MacBook

How not to do it

  1. Download Return to Castle Wolfenstein for Mac
  2. Unzip to get iortcw-1.51c-mac-ub 2/
  3. Download wolfenstien – I had millenium edition, which contains wolfplat_1.iso and wolfplat_2.iso
  4. I got pak0.pk3 is missing dialog
  5. I moved from ISO1 wolfplat_1/Setup/Data/Main/sp_pak1.pk3 sp_pak2.pk3 sp_pak3.pk3 and sp_pak3.pk3 to iortcw-1.51c-mac-ub 2/main/
  6. Then from ISO2 wolfplat_2/Data/Main/pak0.pk3 to iortcw-1.51c-mac-ub 2/main/
  7. Note: there is also wolfplat_1/ET/etmain/pak0.pk3 and pak1.pk3

When running iowolfsp, I still got the “pak0.pk3 is missing” message:

It is not clear which pak0.pk3 is required, the one from Enemy Territory or the Multiplayer. There isn’t one on the wolfplat_1 single player ISO.

From iortcw installation instructions it would seem that you actually have to install the game to get pak0.pk3.

So I installed on Windows 10. The music was quite stressful. Note mount ISO 1 by simply double clicking in Windows 10, there is no need for DaemonTools and run Launch

Then install Castle Wolfenstein.

When it gets half way it asks for ISO 2. Important: unmount ISO 1 first, then mount ISO 2. If you mount both at the same time it doesn’t work, it doesn’t see ISO 2.

Then continue the installation.

You then have to unmount iso2 and re-mount iso 1.

I got an installation error, after it was going to set the recommended settings, and had a number of Corrupt installation file dialogs, and it wanted to roll back the install.

I saw the pak0.pk3 file, 308,422 KB, which would appear to be the pak0.pk3 file on ISO 2, wolfplat_2/Data/Main/pak0.pk3, which I had already copied to iortcw-1.51c-mac-ub 2/main/ and tried (without success).

Taking a new approach, and looking at the crashlog.txt in ~/Library/Application Support/RTCW/main, the search path is /Users/macbook/Library/Application Support/RTCW/main and not the installation directory:

tty console mode disabled
iortcw 1.51c-SP macosx-x86_64 Mar 16 2019
SSE instruction set enabled
----- FS_Startup -----
Current search path:
/Users/macbook/Library/Application Support/RTCW/main

0 files in pk3 files

"pak0.pk3" is missing. Please copy it
from your legitimate RTCW CDROM.

Also check that your iortcw executable is in
the correct place and that every file
in the "main" directory is present and readable.

So, copying the files from ~/Downloads/iortcw-1.51c-mac-ub 2/main/ to /Users/macbook/Library/Application Support/RTCW/main

This time it worked!!!

However, it means that the game are rather un-Mac-like and not particularly portable, as most of the (data) files are spread all over the place (i.e. in the user’s Library/ directory, rather than being in the same directory as the binary game, or within the Application Package itself. I wonder if it is possible to change the search path.

With a tiny window..! Which can be changed, using the settings to change the resolution, but I can’t seem to get it full screen


After adding all of the mp_*.pk3 files:

Multiplayer just crashes without any error dialog, or log file message

Mouse release

Once RTCW has grabbed control of the mouse, it doesn’t seem possible to wrest it back to OS X. Apart from CMD-TAB.

Interestingly, on OS x 10.13.6, you can still use the three finger swipe left and right to move desktops.


  1. Download Return to Castle Wolfenstein for Mac
  2. Unzip to get iortcw-1.51c-mac-ub 2/
  3. Download wolfenstien – I had millenium edition, which contains wolfplat_1.iso and wolfplat_2.iso
  4. Run iortcw-1.51c-mac-ub 2/iowolfsp once, to get the ~/Library/Application Support/RTCW/main directory created
  5. Copy pak0.pk3 from wolfplat2.iso/Setup/Data/Main to ~/Library/Application Support/RTCW/main
  6. Copy  sp_pak1.pk3sp_pak2.pk3sp_pak3.pk3 and sp_pak4.pk3 from wolfplat_2.iso/Setup/Data/Main to ~/Library/Application Support/RTCW/main

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