Drone kit – ZMR 250 tips


Following on from the ZMR 250 blogs (see ZMR 250 tag), here are some tips that I found in this video: 10 Tips for the ZMR 250 Mini Quad


  1. Drill for easy access to Nylon standoffs, to prevent complete disassembly. However, the screws are supposed to go though the two bottom plates with a spacer between. If you don’t then the frame is less stiff and weaker on crashes.
  2. Antenna extender to protect VTX upon impact
  3. Drill top plate for Attena
  4. Carbon fibre spare arms
  5. No spinners, use nyloc nuts (unless you have reverse threads on two motors)
  6. Zip ties (thick 5 mm) instead of landing gear
  7. Be aware of shorts on Carbon fibre
  8. Velcro to secure battery
  9. Rx with satalite – better reception
  10. Loc8tor Lite – find a lost drone up to 400 ft away.

Another good (build) video: ZMR250 drone PDB with Naze32 mount from Banggood – Frankenquad the 2nd! from Vortecks.

  • Diatone PDB was used previously.
  • New PDB has Naze32 integration, but no regulator.
  • Don’t short the PDB when bolting through to the Carbon fibre bottom plate. Use rubber washers, or a nylon nut, standoffs, to prevent scratching the screen on the PDB.
  • Beeper affects mag on Naze32 and its placement blocks the USB.
  • ESCs on the bottom plate sandwiched under the PDB.
  • DYS BL30A ESCs
  • Sunnysky X2207 2700kV motors
  • Move electrolytic capacitors to the top to make the lower sandwich as thin as possible.




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